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    Moghunter's LMBS Gravity Add-on - v. 1.0
    by Heirukichi
    Mog's LMBS is a nice script that allows you to perform jumps, double jumps, air dashes and other actions in a linear movement battle system. Unfortunately jumps in the original system are quite stiff. They start with a certain speed and they let you move with that speed until you reach the top of your jump, then direction changes and you keep moving at that initial speed for the whole duration of your jump.
    This doesn't give you the feeling of a real jump. With this add-on you can have some real gravity in your game. Jumps start with a given initial speed and then that speed is slowly decreased until it reaches 0, then you start descending at increasing speed.

    • Easy to use.
    • Customizable gravity for each character (actor or enemy).
    • Default script configuration for easy plug and play.
    • Accurate physics.

    Terms of Use
    This script is under the Creative Commons Attribution - Share Alike 4.0 International license (CC BY-SA 4.0). This means:
    • You are free to use this script in both commercial and non-commercial games as long as you give proper credits to me (Heirukichi).
    • You are free to modify this script as long as you do not pretend you wrote this and you distribute it under the same license as the original.
    You can review the full license here:

    In addition I'd like to keep track of games where my scripts are used so, even if this is not mandatory, I'd like you to inform me and send me a link when a game including one of my scripts is published. As I said this is not mandatory but it really helps me and it is much appreciated.

    In addition to that since this is an add-on to Mog's LMBS (you can find the original script here) it only works if you have the original script installed.

    This implies a few things.
    1. You must accept terms of use for the original script as well. You can rewiev Mog's terms of use here.
    2. You must give proper credits for the original script.

    To install the script copy/paste it below Materials. If any of the scripts you are using overwrites any of the aliased methods be sure to place this script below it. This script changes how Mog's LMBS notetags work.

    Using <Jump Height: x> sets your maximum jump height to x (height is in pixels). This is used to calculate individual gravity for each battler.

    Using <Jump Speed: x> sets your jump starting speed and not your vertical speed for the whole jump duration. This one is also used to calculate individual gravity for each battler.

    Since you can set up these parameters as you wish you can have different battlers reaching the same height with different initial speed or initial speed reaching different heights. In the first case the one with the higher Jump Speed takes less time to perform the jump, in the second case the one with the lowest jump speed takes less time to perform the jump.

    Since Jump Speed decreases during your jump I recommend you to set default Jump Speed in LMBS to 12 and default Jump Height to 150. In my opinion this is the combination that gives the most realistic vibe.

    Difficulty: Easy.
    Using this script is very easy if you already know how the original Mog's LMBS works (and I am assuming you do if you are using this one).

    Script Link: you can download the full script here.

    Since I am not the one who wrote the original script I do not distribute a demo containing it. If you want a demo you can download one from Atelier RGSS (Mog's website) and add my script to that demo.

    Credits go to Moghunter for the original script.

    Author Note
    This script was commissioned by @JosephSeraph who then allowed me to share it with the community. I'd say special thanks go to him for his kindness and efforts in wanting to help the community.
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    This edit is pretty phenomenal~
    I'd have posted a reply earlier but I was kind of overwhelmed at the time... Nevertheless, it takes a good script and it turns it into just flat out awesome! The gravity now feels very responsive and professional, which is one of the biggest issues I had with the original system.

    I recommend Heirukichi for anyone needing a reliable, communicative and clean Ace scripter and moreover i really wanna see more LMBS games...

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