Mar 19, 2012
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I need me some monster sprites. As my game is all about the monsters I need more sprites than Ace and DS and Samuari gives me, preferably with them able to move in all directions.

Could anyone please help me find some?

any at all will do, just,monsters!

Thank you!


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Apr 25, 2012
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Waay too general for someone like me to help.

Size, style, time period, lots of issues...

Vampires in a 32 by 32 versus a cartoon style 96 by 96 robo-centipede versus a big spider in a dark fantasy look versus Humans with evil armor versus Magical creatures of exotic appearance...

As I said, waay too general if you want help from someone like me.

Just saying.

Froma very VEry old list:


Too Many Types To Categorize - lol - Don't Miss Topics

PinedaVX has too many monsters to count!

EB/Tsukuru's Stuff and Lunara's EB Monster Recolors with Recolored Facesets

LordBagardo's Sprites, including Frankenstein's Monster

Monster Type - Humanoid

Standard Characters, Modified:

Green skin tone, red eyes, ghostly transparency, that kind of thing.

Avadan's Zombie Pirate, Orc and RTP edits and such


Human type characters in floating clothes and jewel-tones.

Jessie's Ice Elemental

Costumed, Stylized

Gmork's Mummy sprite, faces and battler

Vampires, Hooded and caped and cowled and such.

Crazy Armor colors and Inhuman hair colors - no, check that, VX already has inhuman hair colors! lol

Greek/Roman Gods

Antares' Lady Vampire

Antheia's Vampire

Cocodoco's Vampire

ZeroBurn's Monster recolors

Grudge by Tetra Flame

Pine's Hooded Villain

Blake_Ezra's Horus (Egyptian)

Tatanya's Vampresses

Monster Type - Mythological

Fauns, Minotaurs, you get the idea

FenixFyreX's Male and Female Centaurs

Avadan's Orc and such

Gotmilk's Ghost and Skeleton

Jessie's Mummy

Dragons Galore

Mysteria's Recolors of XP Griffins

Pine's werewolf in recolors by Moogle

Another werewolf by DragonXXX

AmberDragon's ORcs and such

Knuckleman's Mummy and a few other monsters

***Resources Removed/Missing***Tatanya's Mermaid, Centaur, and various monsters and such...

Deeb's cockatrice

Monster Type - Ridiculous but fun

Like the bouncing cube that fights you, or the floating bubble, and such-like

Daynor's big purple Eye

Insect bee warrior!

Monster Type - Huge Animals

Crabs and Spiders and snakes and such-like

Jessie's XP Lizard, bat, sand worm and Scorpion

Kirtash's Squid

Jellyfish and hornet by Dai

Animals of various sizes

Monsters from Fiction and Other Games

Antares' Tonberry

Beholder Rip Monster

Spikeball's Slime Wall Monster

Monster Machines

Dragoness Edge Machines

Monster Plants

Jessie's Cactus Blossom

Hippo Hell's mummy and Pharoah Mummy

Apprentice Geisha's Centaur
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Mar 19, 2012
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thanks. i was just hoping for some monster, monster, like the ones in the battlers or something like that, chimeras, male fairies, female orcs, goblins, harpies, different kinds of spiders, different dragons. just... monsters... Though that probably doesn't really help. lol. sorry.

but thats for the recs I'll sift through them now. i just need them for place holders mostly for the moment.

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