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    I am currently working on two titles at the same time. One is under the project name: "Moon Meadows" and the other is under the project name: "Angora", but I have recently decided to give it a more fitting name of: "Kalopsía: Moral Divide". These two are games I intend to at least finish a prototype for in RPG maker, and they might make their way to Unity 3D or another engine, if I desire/have received enough support through sales and donations. (Knowing myself I will work on assets regardless, for a different engine as a hobby/to fight off boredom... :p).

    The reason I am working on two titles at the same time and not just one, is because, that is how I work the most efficiently. I do not have ADHD or ADD, but I can become "burned out" on one task and need to switch to another. I also sometimes have "artist/writer's block" and need to focus on something else until I am inspired again. Therefore these two games have very different worlds, stories, graphics, and settings. One I am focusing on mechanics, creating my own pixel art style, and Sci-Fi farming game. The other is edits of the RTP & trying to copy the RTP art style, heavily story focused, and a High Fantasy linear adventure.

    Therefore once I start posting Demos or"sneak peeks" at my work on either game, they will or may play & look very different from eachother. Though, I don't particularly want to make two separate threads to update here on my progress. Details about these two games are below!

    Moon Meadows

    • There will be crops and "Animal farming".
    • The player will have to go "out in the wild" of their starting planet/moon or "travel the stars" in their spaceship they can purchase later on, to find aliens to take back to their farm to raise. (Up to 10 in the "large Alien Containment Unit" and 10 in the "small Alien Containment Unit" for a total of 20 aliens that can be raised for profit at the farm.)
    • For each season their will be at least 5 crops. One of these crops will be for "trees" that will only produce fruits in their respective seasons.
    • The visible clock, and weather, will only display the time and current weather of the player's home planet/moon. Their personal calendar will also only track the day of their home planet/moon. (Though I might add different "times" for visit-able planets and space stations, just for flavor... Or possibly puzzles and for the player to keep track of to use special shops on other worlds...)
    • The player will collect "Animals" by capturing them in battle, like pokemon, but the player fights them along side only one (or two) other aliens they have built a good enough relationship with.
    • Captured aliens, as they are cared for and trust the player more, will open up (depending on the personality type) and be willing to help the player in battle, both on the home planet/moon and when the player is traveling to new worlds. (The alien companions must have an above 5 or so rating in "trusting" the player to willingly join them off planet. Aliens captured off home planet are immediately teleported to their classified containment units back at home).
    • Sometimes random fights or events will happen during the flight or discovery of a new planet/space station. (Space is a big place and their might be space pirates!)
    • Currently I haven't decided how many planets or space stations their will be for the player to explore/visit. But, I do plan for each to have their own secrets, history, and main resident types.

    • The main character is whatever the player names and creates. (Though I'd probably limit the naming to only 7 letters and will create a certain "species" of creature that the player can modify to their liking.) They found themselves on (planet/moon name) in the main settlement known as "Moon Meadows", after being on trial for violating Koolu Galactic Laws, and sent to permanently work as a "Farming Drone" as an alternative to being terminated.
    • The Faun. These are a race of half goat/cow/or deer and human-like aliens. They were genetically created by the "Koolu" (a species that currently creates the rules and laws of the of the galaxy the game takes place in.) as they were trying to create a more sentient version of an Earth Dairy Bovine, after years of abducting the local animal species from the far away Milky Way Galaxy.
      A subspecies known as "Satyr" was created using Earth Equines, but their milk, and attitudes are considered too sour for intergalactic market by the Koolu, making it illegal to transport one to other planets without permits and very difficult to sell their milk by products if they produce any at all. (This species is commonly found on the player's home planet/moon, as both the wild and buy-able domesticated fauna.)
    • The Vixen and Katz. Another two subspecies of Faun, left on (player's planet/moon). These two species are considerably more intelligent than their cousins and live in somewhat normal civilizations, though they do not produce milk and where originally created for their fur and companionship.
      The Katz are a fairly friendly race that welcome advancements and other races in free trade. The Vixen on the other hand, are known as thieves and more comparable to "hicks/rednecks" in the way they think and operate. The Katz are half Earth Feline and the Vixen are half Earth Vulpes.
    • The Koolu. Are a race that owns the Galaxy that the game takes place in. They are known to liberally use their wormhole technology to travel to other galaxies that have signs of life and bring it back to their own for experimentation and further study. The have large black oval eyes, heads shaped like hyenas, long rabbit like ears, lean bodies with a total of only eight digits (two toes, two finger like claws), skin is either pure white with black stripes or pure black with white stripes, and a a large fin along their backs.
      They have an addiction to dairy products and eat an omnivorous diet that contains mostly protein, carbs, and sugars. Though they are friendly to most, they tend to become aggressive when they feel annoyed or disrespected in some way.
    • More races will be added later...
    • Arm-man Canada (Real name needs to be decided). A human male that was accidentally abducted along time ago by the Koolu during a recent mission to Earth to record the planet's progress. A NASA space shuttle that was on it's final flight with a damaged Canadarm was returning to Earth, when it accidentally "disappeared" by entering a wormhole generated by a Koolu Ship leaving the planet/Milky Way.
      The shuttle had a small crew of only three humans. Two males and a single female. The shuttle crash landed on (player's planet/moon) sometime after. The female died on impact and one of the males took their own life out of fear. The remaining human made contact with the main local settlement, though no one could understand him very well as his spoken language wasn't able to be translated properly by the locals. Even so the locals try to help and nicknamed him Arm-man Canada, after the only things they could understand at the time, as they where helping the human male make his shuttle a suitable living unit after they were unable to fix it for space travel (they mistook it for an actual spaceship). "Arm-man" can speak only a little bit of what the locals can, though his regular speech can't be translated, so it's hard to communicate with him and he is still a bit fearful of alien life. Grizby and Spencer are the only two locals he will normally interact with.
    • Grizby. Grizby is an old AI, that once belonged to a fleet ship of a now eradicated militaristic alien race that once inhabited the Galaxy. The AI occupies a robotic shell that is made of parts salvaged from the local wreck-yard, do to the AI's self-preservation protocols, it decided to integrate itself into the local settlement. It created a store where it sells unauthorized equipment used for capturing other alien species and other gadgets that help with fighting them. It also sell seeds and saplings of rare flora found on the planet/moon. Grizby has been in trouble with the Koolu for providing unethical weapons and equipment to the local inhabitants in the past, but claims it no longer provides this service.
      Grizby is the one that helped "Arm-man" restore his shuttle into a proper living unit and does most of the repairs on equipment or Spaceships for the locals.
    • Spencer. A Katz, that runs the local chain restaurant named "Space Sushi & Bar". There isn't any real cities or towns on (player's planet/moon), so putting a chain restaurant franchisee isn't very appealing to most, if not all possible restaurants operating in the Galaxy. But, "Space Sushi" decided to take a gamble on the planet/moon after hearing reports and rumors that Felines like the type of food they typically sell at their stores. Of course not all Katz really like the food served there in reality, but they make enough money from the locals to justify keeping it in business... Only after they also added a liquor licence to normally family-friendly venue.
      Spencer, is usually happy to assist anyone if they are in need. Such as providing free (and safe) food for "Arm-man" to eat and trying to teach the human his language, so he can be better translated and understood. He is also a wonderful chef and mixologist, sometimes adding his own "specials" to the regular menu. He though has problems with Vixen customers and just in general, as they rarely if ever, pay for their meals and are quite rude towards him.
    • Kyle & his gang. A Vixen that is the leader of the main group that will steal from the player's farm. Usually they take alien eggs, crops, and generally scare/stress out the farm's stock into not producing any products for sale. Kyle himself will even offer to "watch" the player's small alien containment unit (basically a hen house that produces eggs) for "free" after the player buys it. The player will not know that it is him and his gang raiding the farm unless they refuse his offer or catch him stealing eggs/killing their egg-laying aliens at night. He will become upset if the player installs lock-able doors on the containment units and not give him the pass-code inside if the player had accepted his offer prior to discovering what he is really doing on the farm.
      After refusal or confrontation, Kyle and his gang might be caught sneaking around the farm at night. Locks will keep them out of the containment, and hiring a local Katz as a farm-hand to watch the crops at night will reduce the likelihood the farm will be raided well the player is off planet or sleeping. Though the best way to stop all unwanted attacks, will be confronting Kyle and his gang at their hideout and either talking them into leaving the farm alone or "making them" leave the farm alone.
    • More characters will be added as I add to the main town/planets.

    • Located on a moon of a gas giant like Saturn, in a Galaxy owned by a race of aliens known as the Koolu.
    • The player is a criminal sent to work as a farmer (preferably dairy), after given a choice between death and working for the rest of their life. They must meet a quota every "week" (7 game days) to avoid being terminated, making extra by the end of the week will be added as credits to their personal funds to by equipment and other things.
    • This is a foremost Farm Simulator game, such as Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon is. The focus will mostly revolve around the farming mechanics and systems. Therefore the player has a "permanent base" which they will spend most of their time. Adding Farm Hands will allow a player that is focused on crops to still go exploring.
    • This game may or may not, turn into a NSFW Yaoi Game. Of course, I'd probably create multiple versions one for Yuri and Hetero options, as well. Mostly because, this entire thing started with me drawing a Faun that was both a boy and a cow, that sold weapons... And didn't like pants...

    Err, my mock up for the farm is too large for the site... Here is the template for the Weather/Time/Day system, I've already created!... More will come when I actually have finished maps for them, oh and pictures for the NPCs.

    Kalopsía: Moral Divide

    • The Player Character : (Input name) is a young man tormented with nightmares. He is brought to the local temple by his parents and is promptly asked by the head priest to assist in an up comming event. As he is completing his task, he finds a mysterious book and closet that transports him to a completely different world. One of magic, elves, wingless dragons, and an evil army hellbent on starting a war with the humans.
      As the story progresses, the player will come to see the character they control is not the "blank slate" that he seemed at the beginning. As more relationships are formed between the PC and they gain more confidence, their real fun-loving personality will show through. Though some choices made during the story might turn the PC's idea of "fun".... (as in enough "bad" choices might make the PC force the player to only choose to join the "bad guys" over the "good guys" in some situations...)
    • High Elven King Khal : An elf that lives as the king of the Great Forest. His life force is said to be connected tot he Great Tree, who's fruits are harvested and processed in to most of the potions sold through out the land. Khal has pure white hair with bright red bangs, and wears emerald green silk clothing, laced with gold. He is considered beautiful by both men and women of any race. Around his torso, he had bandages concealing a scare from a dark curse that was placed on him long ago. He seems reluctant to talk about his past, and has a quite demeanor. Though he does have a quick and fiery temper, as all elves of his world apparently have.
      The truth about Khal: Khal was actually kidnapped in his early years as King by the first ever human King Erik. During the first 5 years of imprisonment, Khal was subjected to a torturous experimentation with black magics. Erik used these magics to impregnate Khal (who is male btw, and thus can't naturally or physically carry a child) and force him to have a half human half elven child, which is impossible to do normally. Ten years later, the son he was forced to create discovered him in the dungeons of the human's castle and helped free him and bring him back home.
      Khal, doesn't blame Erik of what he did. As they were best friends before he was kidnapped and knew Erik was desperate to prove his right to the throne, yet was also scared that the elves would take his head for what he did. In accordance with elven law once you had a blood related relative, any crime done to you becomes a internal family matter and exempted Erik from any trial the elven army would have put him on prior. Khal's understanding that Erik knew of this law, is also why he doesn't blame him for doing anything in his power to create a child with him. But, do to the methods used, Khal regrets not killing the child, as he knew the the black magic would corrupted them and twisted them into a vengeful demon eventually.
    • Saxon : Saxon is a Faun that was abandoned and raised by Badgerwolves for the first few years of his life. Elves from a near by barrack in the Swamp he was living in, found him well capturing Badgerwolf pups. From then Saxon was raised by the soldiers stationed in the Swamp. He wears thick leather armor and is the captain of the elven army, and personal knight to Khal. His companion Dagger is a Badgerwolf he considers as a brother.
      Saxon wishes to know what has happened to his family after finding out that he wasn't actually an elf long ago. But, do to his duty as Khal's personal knight, he was never able to find the time to search for them. Though his true reasons for seeking them out was to ask why he was abandoned and get closure on a life he will never know.
      Saxon has a fear of ghosts and the dead, because he secretly fears that his real family was killed. He also fears being abandoned again by the people he holds close and turns to drinking most of the time to "solve/forget" his issues instead of confronting them.
    • Dagger The Badgerwolf : Dagger is a Badgerwolf that was raised by Saxon, but is treated more like a little brother than a guard dog. He has a calm nature and is quite insightful when he wants to be. His main objectives are to serve his king's (Khal) will and protect the civilians of the elven kingdom. He is loyal to the bone and will do anything to protect others from threats.
      Dagger only wishes that his master, would stop trying to hided behind the bottles and mugs of ale, when faced with problems he won't face.
    • Karissa : Karissa is a human monster poacher, that hunts unusual and rare creatures. She wants to capture monsters and sell them to nobles to make a ton of money, which she can use to live a lavish life style she always wanted. Growing in an abusive house hold that told her she would never amount to anything in her life, she decided to prove everybody wrong. She spends most of her time traveling from town to town looking for odd jobs and postings for bounties on certain monsters in the area. Most of her nights are spent in inns telling stories about her adventures to anyone that will listen and enjoying the fine refreshments these places offer.
      Although Karissa is obviously female and doesn't mind the use of female pronouns around her, she secretly wishes not to be identified by her gender, as she believes it makes people prejudge her ability to do things or to fight. As such, she rarely behaves like a "lady", buys armor fitted for men, and describes herself as "Hansome" with "Ruggish good looks".
      She has an upbeat personality and tries to make others laugh, or cheer them up when they are feeling low. Though when left to her own thoughts, she feels like she is a failure no matter how far she gets and can be very cynical towards herself. She wants to be recognized as someone important to anyone else, but can never shake the discouragement her family gave her well growing up. BTW, she isn't interested in dating at all! :p
    • Lampert The Lantern Demon: A demonic lantern that wishes to find beautiful women... And eat them. He believes burning the blood of a maiden as oil, will make him more powerful and better accepted with the rest of the possessed demonic items and monsters that roam the land. So far though. Lampert has failed in his mission and can't actually bring himself to kill a human, even if he tried. He was picked on by the other monsters for this and for his small size.
      Lampert is the only one of his kind that he knows of that has a greenish blue hue, well the rest are either black and red with rust. Thus because he is different he feels like he needs to prove his is just as "evil" as they are.
      Lampert doesn't know how he was created or what his reasons for haunting a garden lantern are. He just woke up one day in the mud and boom, he was who he is. The only thing he knows, is he is able to project a "little boy" in strange clothing, which he uses to lure his intended victims towards danger. But, beyond that he knows nothing about his past life before then.
      The Truth about Lampert: Lampert isn't a "bad" demon. He is actually the ghost of a monk boy that possessed the copper lamp that he was burdened with caring for during his life as training to be a Quill dragon priest. When the Quill decided to leave the plane of the mortals and create humans, their disciples were suppose to die with them. But, Lampert became trapped in a store room of his temple and couldn't join the "leaving of the mortal realm", so he instead died at a later time and his soul became a demon bound to the very lamp he cared for, which oxidized before he was "awake". His people cared for lamps of copper, for the exact purpose to possess them after death so they could continue serving their dragon masters and believed copper to be the most important element of the mortal realm, for why they used it instead of something like gold. These people existed so long ago that even the elves don't remember them, only the myths and legends that the Quill dragons could grant any wish when they hatched.
    • Princess Athena: The Princess and current ruler of the human kingdom. She was put under a sleeping curse by a dark wizard that tricked her into letting in her court. She had studied Erik's texts, though not the ones he kept on magics, and is curious if elves actually exist, as they hidden themselves for the past 500 years. She is knowledgeable and intelligent. Though she tires to act regally, her sassy attitude sometimes slips through.
    • Erlin, Derlin, Cran, Morris, and Rickus : Princess Athena's personal advisers.
    • Tatton : Khal's adviser and personal astrologist. He provides spiritual and scientific guidance. Also teaches the PC how to fight. Is a bit of a scatterbrain though.
    • Craigory : A Dark Wizard that cursed Athena, in the name of his Dark Lord and so the Dark Army could attack the humans more easily. He is the cause for the increased monster activity in the human's territory. He can transform into a black feathered snake.
    • Chester : The general of the Dark Army, that attacked and threatened the elves to stay out of the war against the humans. He killed Dagger when the Badgerwolf tried to attack him. He is the only fully human solider as everyone else was turned into a demonic creature in the Dark Army, by black magics.
    • Dark Lord Clydesdale : The Head of the Dark army and the son of the Elven King Khal and the first Human King Erik. Created at birth with black magic it was probably destined that his rage and disgust at his father's actions would have twisted him into the demon he became. He wants the humans to suffer as his "mother" had to at their hands, but at ten times the cruelty. He is not aware that Erik probably died hundreds of years ago, but wouldn't care because humans still exist and could do it again to someone else. But, he doesn't just want to enslave and kill the humans, no, he wants to rule the entire world eventually.
      So he is trying to hatch the "Last Quill Egg", by using the blood collected by Blood Blossoms, a demonic flower that grows from the dead killed or infected by black magic. If the dragon hatches with this method it would be come corrupted and under Clydesdale's control. Not just granting a single wish at birth as the dragon is said to do, but grant all and any of his wishes as he pleases.
    • Terry and Berry : Two monsters that work for Craigory. They are not very smart but have an interest in riddles and cooking.
    • Captain Talon : Khal's Sea-Fairing younger brother. Since he wasn't to be the next King of his people, Talon fell first in love with the frozen sea then with Maria. He visits Frozen Harbor with his crew of mostly aquatic monster deckhands to deliver exotic goods to the elven and human kingdoms... He speaks like a pirate...
    • Maria : A fifty foot tall Sea Drake, Maria was found frozen in a iceberg by Talon. Talon's crew freed her, and she is the last known giant sea drake in the world, do to being hunted by humans to extinction. She wares a ship on her body, and if she puts her head and tail under the water, it would look like a regular vessel out on the water. Only people with special tickets can board her.

    The story that is mainly followed is the one about Khal and his struggle with his son Clydesdale. Clydesdale sends a army of darkness to destroy the humans for the wrongs that his father Erik had done him and his "mother". Khal meanwhile doesn't blame the humans for his past with Erik and had forgave him long ago. Now that Clydesdale is attacking the humans, Khal wants to stop him because he doesn't want revenge or revenge done in his name. Through the coarse of the core story you will learn more about the complex relationship Khal and Erik had and why Clydesdale is "broken".
    There are secondary stories that revolve around Karissa, Saxon, and Lampert, the player can go on during the main story to learn more about these characters an the world around them. Such as why Karissa is out poaching and seems uncomfortable when to referred to by her gender. Why a Faun is living with elves and has a drinking problem. Or why a lantern is blue and is haunted by a spirit of a child.
    Finally the true story can be "unlocked" as one over coming procrastination/avoidance, accepting both self and past, and finally letting other people in. Learning why at the start of the game the PC is the way he is and what the real journey was during the course of the game was.

    • Located mostly in the Fantasy world of Angora. To the north is a barren Wasteland with a dessert of salt. To the west is the Frozen sea. The middle is the Great Forest and the Poison Swamp just north of it. To the south is the human Kingdom. Finally i the far west is the Village of Ice's ruins.
    • I only have some of the script for this game and working on the monsters and character over world sprites.
    • More things to come, just too tired to write them right now!

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