Mar 13, 2012
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So, I spent today playing Moonrise.

If you like Pokèmon, you will most likely like this game.

You go around with Solaries of various elements and fight Solaries who have been turned itno Lunarie (evil versions). When you beat them, they are cured. There are multiple currencies, money being the main one, and gem being what you can buy, and then use to get more money, or token/rings for "boosters" or chances to win various cosmetic appearance items for your avatar. You capture cured Solaries with special keys (their version of pokè balls) that cost 30 gems when you run out, or you get a key, max 4 held, every 20/30 minutes,

To raise stats of Solaries, you use shards for stats and 100 gold per shard. In battle, your exp goes towaqrds earning milestone that raise HP or learn skill. They can hold up to 4 skills. Removed skills can be saved to put on another for a gold fee. Once enough exp is earned, they can evolve, which requires varous elements you gain from going into dungeons, or turning in extra solaries to the wardens.

Gold is your friend, so you'll sell of skills and extra gear, and solaries to wardens, to get them and level your solaries and enter higher level dungeon levels.

Not sure what thei main release play will be. Right now you need to spend at least $14.99 to play, which gives you a decent start group, or as I did, the $19.99, and get more starter solaries and more funds at the start.

Getting used to the battle system could get to some, and if all else fails, theirs auto-battle which isn't too bad, just a little slower reacting then manual.

If I had to grade it now, I'd probably give it a score of 3.5/5. We'll see as I get further into it.

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