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    Morale Battle Script V1.1

    Tigurus Fay


    This script adds a morale bar to the battle system. The morale bar changes when the battle goes bad or well and gives bonuses to the party or removes stats from the party.


    - Easily give rewards or penalties to your party, depending on how the battle is going.

    - Easy to make skills that increase or decrease morale



    How to Use

    To install this script:

    Open the Script Editor (F11)

    Put a empty line under the default scripts and above main.

    Copy and paste the script from the text file into the editor.

    Additionally, you can copy-paste the script from the Demo on the same place.

    Close the editor and enjoy!

    To change the reward/penalty values. Change the values around line 284.


    A demo and the script can be found here]


    Please download the script from the link above.

    Credit and Thanks

    - Tigurus Fay

    - Mark

    Author's Notes

    Please advise on errors/bugs. If you have a possible request or question. Please ask.

    Additionally, it should be mostly used for custom battle system. However, those would probably need some editting, depending on the script.
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