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  1. Johnboy

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    Description of the Feature:
    • Provides a way to generate curves based on level without having to manually input a number at every level
    • Can have stat curves which do not have to follow a specific formula

    Editor mockup 1.png editor mock up 2.png

    Image one shows my current created curve, in which I had to input all the numbers manually after creating them with a formula inside of a spreadsheet.
    Image two shows a proposed change, in which there is a line with a node on it at levels 25, 50 and 75. These nodes could be moved up and down to create different stat curves in different sections.

    Why is this feature good?
    This feature is great because of the following:
    • Allows developers to have more control over stat curves without having to spend time creating stats in a spreadsheet and then transfer the raw data into the curve level by level
    • Can have differing formulas for each section of levels

    Possible issues with this feature?
    Issues that might arise from this feature:
    • None that I can think of at the moment

    This is more a quality of life improvement for developers who might have many classes in their games. That being said, I also noticed a request for better EXP curves as well and thought this might be useful in that case. I realize that you can already make the curves for stats any way you like by simply inputting the numbers at the specific levels, but you need to do this eight times for just one class.

    I am unsure if this would be difficult to add in as I'm not a programmer.
  2. Fornoreason1000

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    not difficult at all, but potentially slow, and if the user messes up the formula it could screw you up.
    bascally it will iterate throught the forumal setting to the value it gets for all levels.

    Pseudo code
    var formula = "Math.Pow(l, 2) + l* 2 + l + 37;" //input formula
    try {  //see if we have a vlid formula, this method is very rough and ugly, a better method should be used
        eval(formula); //test the formula if its valid javascript
    } catch {
    //show a message box telling the user that the formula is invalid
        return; //exit the function, as we can't go further
    for(i = 1; i < 100; i++) { //iterate all evels 1 - 99
        actor.param[index][i] = function(l) {return eval(formula)}(i);  //apply our formula at current level
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