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Jan 11, 2014
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TDW More State SV Motions - v 1.00


Intro - The database only allows you to have Normal, Abnormal, Sleep, or Dead motions on states. This allows you to access any of the available motions with SV Actors and use them with states.


- Adds the ability to have different motions on SV Actors other than just Normal, Abnormal, Sleep, and Dead.

How To Use - Simply download, place in your js file, and install under most other plugins (MUST install under YEP_BattleEngineCore if you are using it)!

Parameters - None.

Note Tags:

Place in a State's Note box.

<SV Motion: x>

Where x is the value of the motion you wish to have.

Motion Values:

Use the green numbers. List is also provided within the plugin itself.

Future Plans - If any issues arise, I will try to fix them.

Change Log:

Version 1.00:
 - Initial release

Terms of Use - Free for commercial and non-commercial use. Feel free to credit: wrigty12 or Tyler Wright

Download Link Here

Note - I am a beginner in the ways of making plug-ins and in JavaScript. If there is anything you see wrong, could be improved, or bugs you find, just let me know.
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