Jan 16, 2016
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Hello to all.
I apologize for my bad English, I'm Italian and I try to translate into English the best possible...

This is my first plugin that develops, usually I do not plugin development, I am a normal person who likes to use rpg maker to create games and that's why I always keep updated on the latest plugin available for RPG Maker MV. The decision to develop this plugin was random. I needed a small change to one of my games that I am creating on RPG Maker MV, where every time you start the download, the loading changes the picture screen. By changing the various file.js rpg maker (rpg core and rpg_managers), I managed to get the answer I wanted. Then I asked, but what happens if I create a new project? The changes I made to file.js will be lost, so I accidentally got the idea to rewrite all changes made within a plugin created by me. I repeat, this is my first plugin that I have made, and I think that will also be the last, so try not to judge too the form of writing file.js or maybe the plugin simplicity.

It is just a plugin to set up, where you can choose how many login images set that will eventually be displayed at random, during the login screen.

In the Zip file I put in a folder (loading) with the sample images. Insert it into your / img in your project. Then put the file.js inside the plugin directory.

Now come on RPG Maker MV and configure the plugin to your liking.

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