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    first off, I probably will update this once every few months tops, and with very few things. But for the upside, while I'll probably never finish building a game, I -will- give all things I built to the community for -non commercial use-. Plus, I'd like to know if you use it. And others might want to know where you got it from.

    I spent quite a bit of time yesterday and today looking for things I might need building a setting I have in mind, but I'll probably end up making a lot of things on my own, such as all the main characters, several side-characters and a tons of setting-specific symbolism (signs on churches & graves, types of statues, specific enemies, banners, flags & other things, etc.).

    The first thing I made was this: Elendaria.png   [​IMG]

    Rather proud of it, considering I made it specifically because I was bored and needed something to get me through the day. The character comes with a white robe, a black surcotte with faux sleeves, jingly charms around her neck, a belt, long hair tied back to a pony tail and fun little bands in her hair, plus facial scarring (though barely recognizable - but that's okay)

    CREDIT : I used the naked/boxers only template (he named it 'completo.png') by 'Vash' from the forum (not sure if he's here too?) to completely hand-build the character pixel-by-pixel with the basic proportions (and face) already there. Though I severely edited all of it anyway. The only thing still in place, I think, is the size of the head, position of eyes, skin color and... yeah. EDIT: oh. And the positioning of the hands. They still exist too. EDIT2: Hah... his template's from 2011 XD right. But still, I think it's important to know =)

    Again, to sum up the terms and conditions:

    non-commercial use, credit me, drop me a note where you are using it
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