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Oct 13, 2012
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I have written a lot of Tutorials over the years, and to make it easier for you guys to find what you need, I set up this "hub" where you can overview and access them all!
Some were written with a specific engine in mind, and while e.g. the water autotile tutorial only applys to MZ because of the layer system, many techniques can be used across the board. Down poses work in MZ as they do in MV and so on. Probably 95% of the tutorials will help you either to up the looks of your game or teach you how to make your own graphics, but there are some other things as well.
You can let me know which ones helped you the most and if there is anything you'd love to see me cover!

The 1679999103622.png marks my personal recommendations and favourites.

Charsets: Structure and Avoiding Traps!
Learn about the formatting of charsets and how to fix common problems you might encounter.

Animating Tiles: Opening Animations
Bring some extra life to your maps by animating various tiles.

Making Secret Doors! and More secret doors
Learn how to add secret door animations to any kind of room!

Converting MV Sprites to MZ
Porting VX Ace characters to MZ
How to: XP Animals and Monsters to MZ conversion
Teach you how to adjust charsets from the older engines for use in MZ.

Dr. Frankenspritings not so secret and not so scary lab - Character Edits
A tutorial about what frankenspriting is and how to apply it yourself!

1679999103622.pngKilling me softly... - Down poses for MV!
Learn how to make variout down poses for MV and MZ characters.

Make Sprites great again! - A nice MV workaround
This shows you how to make tall sprites out of smaller MV/MZ ones.

Character Sprites for MV
Learn how to make your own custom characters on the MV base.

How to pixelate your own custom MZ human character
Learn how to make your own custom characters on the MZ base.

How to create a custom monster/animal sprite for MZ - 4 feet
Humans are not enough? Let's have a look at beast sprites.

Sit down, please! - Pose tutorial

Turning Characters Into Statues
Teaches you how to turn your chars into nice statues.

Creating Balconies
Use some basic parts of your tileset to put together a decorative balcony for your map!

How to Make Rounded Cave Walls
You prefer rounded cave walls? This tutorial shows you how to make them. The follow up about more options for caves:
Some neat edits to make your caves nicer
and Some MORE neat edits to make your caves nicer

1679999103622.pngWater Autotiles: Setup Tricks
Learn how to set up your water autotiles in MZ to make some stunning waterfalls and overall beautiful water structures.

Creating Your Own Roof Variations
Creating your own Roof Variations Part 2
Those tutorials show you how to make various angles for your roofs.

Make Your Own Diagonal Walls!
Learn how to make octagonal rooms or similar things.

1679999103622.pngHow to (mis)Use World Map Tiles for Anything Other than World Maps
Don't ignore the world map tiles, even if you don't have one! There is some gold in there.

Making Your Own Stair Tiles
There are no matching stairs? Just make your own!

1679999103622.pngMaking a Custom Grass Autotile from Scratch
Some first steps into drawing your own tiles, with some insight on how to make looping tiles and how to set up an autotile.

1679999103622.pngUpcycling VX Ace Tiles for MV/MZ
Just because it's old and small it does not mean you can't use it!

Tile Edits So Simple, ANYONE Can Do Them!
Small Tile Edits to Up Your Game
Two tutorials about easy tweaks that will make your maps look better.

1679999103622.pngRTP and FSM - How to make styles match each other
You want to expand your FSM collection or use that one nice pack in your RTP styled game? Well, you can!

Making Matching Color Rocks
Some basic tile recolors for more uniform regions.

Making Round Tower Tiles
Learn how to make some tiles for towers or castles.

How to use VX/Ace tiles next to XP ones
An old tutorial about converting VX Ace tiles for the use next to XP ones.

1679999103622.pngSmooth autotiles - a 5 minute hack to nice transitions
READ IT. You will 100% have a use for this.

1679999103622.pngTileset Edits for RMMV - Some basic things
Get in touch with making your own resources by seeing how you can build your own cabinet out of various parts from the default tiles.

1679999103622.pngOne town, one style
You want uniform but interesting towns? This is the knowledge you need!

Creating your own unique clutter - How to make a vase from scratch
A step by step on how to draw a custom tile - here a vase.

Seasonal tilesets
Learn how to edit tiles to match the four seasons .

1679999103622.pngAn a-door-able tutorial
How to make your own door graphics.

More small edits that will make your game look so much better

How to make your own stone floor
The bench of doom- what went wrong and how can I tackle it instead?

Bust Edits for Beginners
Learn how to edit Busts to match your characters!

1679999103622.pngGetting Emotional: Making Your Own Emotionsets
This tutorial shows you how to make emosets for every character you want!

Doing some magic with colors on faces - recoloring faces
A basic skill that will come in handy a lot.

1679999103622.pngIndividualizing your generator faces
Make your generated faces look less childish and weird with a few simple steps!

Porting Ace faces to MZ
Learn how to edit Ace faces to keep using them in MZ.

Adding patterns and in depth talk about layer masks
Spotted fur, patterns on shirts or different colored hair strands? Learn how to do it!

1679999103622.pngCan we Use MV Generator Parts in MZ?
Teaches you how to port MV parts to MZ (and technically, the knowledge to do vice versa).

How to port generator parts from one gender to another
You like that one female headpiece on your male hero? Learn how to make it happen.

Drawing a custom face part
Learn how to make your own generator parts for faces.

Making new gradients for the generator
Learn how to add and make new gradients

Mapping: Towns
Explains some basics about mapping towns with the example of a forest map.

How to Map a Desert
Deserts are boring? This tutorial shows how you can make a nice desert.

Mapping forests
Learn how to make a solid forest with just the default tileset.

Tips and Tricks: Mapping Cliffs
Mountainous regions can be tricky to make, learn how to design an exciting one yourself.

Parallax Mapping in MZ: Basics and Tips
You want to know how to parallax? Here you go!

1679999103622.pngMaking a map
Making a map II1679999103622.png
A series that shows in depth how I would approach an actual game map.

1679999103622.pngHow to make a beautiful editor made forest - Part 1
More editing than mapping to be honest, but some important tricks to diversify your forest maps without much effort.

1679999103622.png1679999103622.png1679999103622.pngHow to make a beautiful editor made forest - part 21679999103622.png1679999103622.png1679999103622.png
You think you have to parallax to get a pretty forest? Read this first!

Mapping: River
Learn how to make natural rivers with just the default tileset.

Creating a thematic area - The mountain Inn

Icons and other System Graphics
Making a Custom Battle Weapon Graphic and Non-conventional battle weapons
Often overseen as recourse, but if you want to make a special battle weapon, here you learn how to make one!

1679999103622.pngIcon Tutorial - How to create potions/glass
Old but gold, learn how to shade potion bottles.

Icon Tutorial - Big Icons
Learn how to make a 48x48 icon out of a 24x24 one.

How to enlarge your icons with 3 simple tricks!
Upscaling icons just with a resize tool is rarly the way to go, here are the alternatives!

How to make your own default MZ style icons
Learn how to mimic the default MZ icon style and expand the set as you need it!

Making a pixelated Icon for MV/MZ
A step by step tutorial on making icons in my own pixelated MVZ style.

The one graphic barely anyone changes for their game… maybe you do?
Learn how to make your game more costum by changing the buttons

Marrying off pixelated icon styles - some food for thoughts and a little guide

Battler edits and variations
Some tips and tricks for more variation.

1679999350550.pngGraphic Hacks! - Workarounds for everyone
Some basic tipps how to get the graphics you need to make your game looking good.

Using Placeholders
Learn how placeholders can help you with processing on your project.

Graphic Hacks part 2: Upcycling resources from older makers for MV - NO upscaling!
Sums up some ways to port older graphics to MV.

1679999394928.pngThe things that make an RTP-based game look bad - and alternatives
Some basic weird things that you often see in RM games that you can at the most times swap out in a minute.

Use what you have to make a costum and nice titlescreen
The title screen is the first thing people see of your game, let's have a look at how you can make one!

Making non looping pictures loop

1679999103622.pngRecoloring Pixel Art
One of the most important skill to learn to adjust resources to your own needs!

Why you even as MZ user should consider getting XP

No facesets - what now

Summoning a Pet via Events
Learn how to summon temporary battle characters.

Making Multi-Level Bridge Tiles
This tutorials shows how youch chars can walk over and under the same bridge.

Animations with More Frames
Learn how to use character sheets with longer animation sequences in MV and MZ.

Alternate Skins
How to make your character's face in the textbox change dynamically as you need it.

Password Locked Doors
Event doors that require a password
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Oct 8, 2018
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that is 1 big sweet list of tutorial you put there, I will look into it as I dont
know every tutorial you made which can come in handy and many others
will find usefull :)

thank you for all your input making the tutorial and this list :)


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Sep 6, 2012
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I knew you had made a lot of tutorials, but I didn't expect this many. :wub


Aug 3, 2012
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I'm astonished at how many you've made.
Thank you for all the work you have put in over a long time to create all these and for putting them all in one place. This is a great resource.


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Oct 13, 2012
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Thank you :)

This list will grow over the next weeks a little, it also helps to give me an overview which topics I already covered and where I still have something helpful to say :3
Mapping Forests without the autotile and parallaxing is on the list of thing that I want to write, and I have a small stack of finished ones that I will add in one by one.
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Oct 13, 2012
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I updated the list with the newest tutorials and I would like to use this chance to maybe get some feedback.
Which tutorials do you like most? Is there anything you would love to see more of? Is there something you'd wish I cover at some point?


Oct 25, 2020
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Thanks for all your lovely work, for me personally I always look forward to your tileset tutorials, they are a lifesaver c:

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