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Mar 31, 2016
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Lynok, who resides in Ferax has dreams of becoming a Knight just like his Great Grandmother Lyruqu. As his training nears its end he is confronted with harrowing truths which will tear him apart and force him into a crazy adventure through dimensions

Journey between classic SNES RPG era graphics and modern RPG graphics in this story that will take you through dimensions.

Full disclosure This part still has to be designed in the game.

"The lands of Sterilus have been barren for 100’s of years. With the government cooperation Atzel controlling everyone and everything the future looks dim for its inhabitants. Olly a simple computer tech who has vivid dreams of other worldly forests and bizarre creatures will find him self thrown into a strange inter-dimensional adventure when he meets a young man dressed really bizarrely named Lynok."

My drive has a PC and MAC options where I included all files and a web browser option where I only included used files. Didn't want to exclude files and my game no to work for some reason.


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