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Oct 26, 2015
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MRP OptionParser - version 0.0.14
Mark Przepiora (HelloAnnyong)
Usage Terms: Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0. tl;dr: If you use this for your plugin or game, you must credit me (Mark Przepiora / HelloAnnyong) inside your forum post and readme . I would also appreciate you sending me a message letting me know you did so. :) If you plan to use this during the development of your commercial game, please contact me first.


Never again write brittle regular expressions for parsing your plugins' configuration settings. MRP.OptionParser allows your plugin to accept configuration settings written in a familiar, human-readable "note tag" syntax you are probably already trying to use!
Download and installation:
Version 0.0.14: Click here to download the ZIP file from GitHub.

dist/rmmv-mrp-core--option-parser.jsand add it to your

js/pluginsfolder and activate it. Easy peasy.


Please see the full documentation on GitHub for many examples of what you can parse and how!!

However, here are a few quick usage examples.


Parse a single object from a string. Returns null in case of a syntax error. You might want to use this to parse a plugin parameter.


Parse all objects contained in a string and return an array of them, even if they are surrounded by unrelated text. You might want to use this to extract configuration settings your plugin user defines in, say, an item note.

MRP.OptionParser.extractAllOfType(str, type)

Like above, but extracts only objects of the specified type. Use this to find tags you care about in something like an item note, ignoring tags and other garbage defined for other plugins!





Like extractAll above, but returns the first match or null if none exists.


Like extractAllOfType above, but returns the first match or null if none exists.


  • 0.0.14 — Initial release on the forums
Do I care about this if I'm just making a game?
Probably not! This plugin is designed to be used as a dependency in other plugins.

- Can you parse <some crazy syntax not described>?

It doesn't hurt to ask. But probably not. :) What I've defined here is already a very flexible syntax, with support for named tags, positional arguments, named arguments, bare strings, text blocks, etc.

- How do I package this with my plugin?

The simplest way is probably to concatenate the option-parser JS file either to the beginning or end of your plugin file. (Depending on whether you need to use the parser when your script is first parsed.) Alternatively you can require this to be a dependency, but ain't nobody got time for that.

If you happen to be developing your plugin using NPM and Browserify, then rmmv-mrp-core is on npm! Simply add "rmmv-mrp-core" to your package.json as a dependency, run npm install, and then do,

    var OptionParser = require('rmmv-mrp-core/option-parser');

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