MRP OSX Fixes - enable copy + paste and fix the positioning of the devtools window


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Oct 26, 2015
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MRP OSX Fixes - version 0.0.10
Mark Przepiora (HelloAnnyong)
Usage Terms: Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0. tl;dr: If you use this during development of your noncommercial game, you must credit me (Mark Przepiora / HelloAnnyong) inside your game's credits sequence and readme. I would also appreciate you sending me a message letting me know you did so. :) If you plan to use this during the development of your commercial game, please contact me first.
MRP.OSXFixes enables copy & paste inside the devtools window in OSX, and also changes the default position of the devtools window, moving it over a little bit so that you can see its menu bar and move it around. (YanFly's core script sets its position at 0,0, making it impossible to move by default.)
Download and installation:
Version 0.0.10: Click here to download the ZIP file from GitHub.

dist/rmmv-mrp-core--osx-fixes.jsand add it to your

js/pluginsfolder and activate it. Easy peasy.

Enjoy debugging. :)

Remember to remove this plugin before publishing your game. It will yell at you if you leave it activated in your deployed game.

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