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    Hello everyone! I've been posting some of my compositions from times to times on the forum, but I've never organized them or kept track of them here (truth is I kinda just posted on my status). So here's a complete list of all my compositions for video games (purely classical compositions are excluded, even though I probably have more of those lol).

    Also, let me just say the majority of the tracks that will be here aren't resources for public usage. I have another thread for that, but there aren't many tracks in it since I'm focusing on my current game project. I promise that once my current project is done, I will release a lot more tracks for the community, and plugins.

    Available online Track count: 34.

    Here are my personal favorite compositions:
    1. Winter Wonderland (Luna Sanctus, Field OST)
    2. Merciless Grassland (Luna Sanctus, Field OST)
    3. A Formidable Foe (Luna Sanctus, Battle OST)
    4. Cold and Peace (Luna Sanctus, Village OST)
    5. Heat of Danger (Luna Sanctus, Dungeon OST)
    6. Our Great New World (Tyrania OST)
    7. Shattered Fate (Tyrania OST)

    Here are all my compositions that are available online (some aren't yet). I've organized them by game in which they are heard, and in atmosphere category, like for example cities, dungeons, fields, etc.

    Luna Sanctus is one of my personal game projects. It is a fantasy rpg in a fantastic world. Here is the list of the all the current soundtracks in it.

    Battle OST:
    1. Fight of a Magus (regular battle theme)
    2. A Formidable Foe (regular boss theme)

    Villages and Cities OST:
    1. Peaceful Nature (simply forest village)
    2. Beauty and Harmony (big city)
    3. Wonderful Times (simple village)
    4. Waltz of Jade (beach city)
    5. Cold and Peace (snow village)
    6. ????? (snow city)
    Coming soon
    7. Serenade of the Mountains (mountain village)
    Coming soon
    8. Mountain and Neighbors (mountain city)
    9. ????? (swamp village)
    Coming soon
    10. ????? (swamp city)
    Coming soon

    Dungeons and Temples OST:
    1. Life in the Woods (light forest dungeon)
    2. Wonders of the Mist (mountain mist dungeon)
    Coming soon
    3. Astral Path (astral dungeon)
    4. Valley of Origin (mystical valley)
    5. Heat of Danger (volcano dungeon)
    6. Water Serenade (oasis dungeon)
    7. Dance of the Crystals (crystal cavern dungeon)
    8. Snow Mystery (snow forest and mountain)
    9. Lightning in the Valley (stormy valley dungeon)
    Coming soon
    10. (swamp dungeon)
    Coming soon
    11. (snow and seashore dungeon)
    Coming soon
    12. (dangerous mountain dungeon)
    Coming soon
    13. (mine dungeon)
    Coming soon
    14. (mythical tower, final dungeon)
    Coming soon

    Events, Cutscenes and Character Theme OST:
    1. Victory! (battle victory theme)
    Coming soon
    2. Origin (Prelude narration theme)
    3. Noble Romance (love theme)
    4. Sorrow Rises (sad theme)
    5. Friendship (friendship theme)
    6. Dark Prophecy (antagonist theme 1)
    7. Waltz of Comedy (comedy theme)
    Coming soon
    8. The Black Stars (guild theme)
    9. Traitors and Rebels (antagonist theme 2)
    Coming soon

    Field, Road, World Map OST:
    1. Wind of the Land (deserter world map)
    2. Magus Road under the Moon (inhabited forest land)
    3. Magical Adventure (grassland world map)
    4. Winter Wonderland (winter world map)
    5. Boundless Peak (mountains world map)
    6. Merciless Grassland (swampland and grassland)

    Special OST:
    1. Luna Sanctus Prelude (title screen theme)
    2. Moonlight Waltz (trailer theme)
    3. Luna Sanctus Musicbox (game theme musicbox)
    Coming soon

    Tyrania is a released visual novel created by Leviathanimation following a tragic story that takes place during war times. You can learn more at the link below. Here's are the soundtracks I composed for the game.

    1. Our Great New World (emotional epilogue theme)
    2. Shattered Fate (sad and tragic theme)
    3. World at War (action and event theme)
    4. Justice is Above All (military march)

    Link to the game:
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