Music/Sound Effects w/ an Earthbound-ish feel


Sep 3, 2019
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Hey everyone! :) Not new to RPG Maker, but new to the community here so I first wanted to give a big hello! :)

Here are some additional details for what I am looking for based on the title of the thread:

Maker Version: MV

Resource Type(s): BGM and Sound Effects for all environments (interiors, dungeons, shops, cities, etc.)

In the style and spirit of the SNES game Earthbound (preferably 16 bit format, but not required)

Detailed Description: I am currently working on an MV project that is going to have a lighthearted modern setting, and I would like it to have an Earthbound inspired feel to it. I am looking for any assets (specifically BGM and SE) that have a similar vibe in their style and feel to Earthbound. I was wondering if anyone knows of any resources already out there that are available to use. I have found some things on my own, but most of what I have found are either too realistic or doesn't quite fit the theme I am going for (lighthearted modern 16 bit style).

I would prefer them to be royalty-free for commercial and non-commercial use, as I do not know yet if I have plans to commercialize this project if/when I complete it.

To Be Clear: I am not looking for exact copies of Earthbound's music, nor does it have to be exactly like Earthbound. I just want it to have a similar feel.

Thank you for any leads you may have to offer or if you are a composer and would like to work with me, I am open to that as well.

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