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May 20, 2014
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Introduction: As my first project with RPG Maker VX and my second RPG Maker series project, MutaOni is a rather unique example of an RPG (I've only seen one other like it on the Internet). Not to be confused with any of the Oni survival horror series, MutaOni is an RPG based around popular YouTuber SomeOrdinaryGamers and is based around an event that has become known as the "Twitch Civil War" between two well-defined parties on the channel's Twitch chat. MutaOni was slightly inspired by the popular Forum Fantasy game, and largely follows the same premise. Players take on the role of a small band of newcomers to a country developed around the channel, as they attempt to free it from evil (or systematically destroy it) with a variety of gameplay environments, and a soundtrack and enemies inspired by that which made the channel popular.

Synopsis: In the year 20XX, a large cluster of islands was discovered in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, being friends with one of the explorers, YouTube icon Mutahar of SomeOrdinaryGamers managed to acquire a moderately sized island for his own personal use, and as the world around him slowly began to crumble from corruption, greed, and human devastation, he signed himself away from technology, taking with him an unknown amount of his followers to what would become known as Sognation. Mutahar cut a deal with his followers, that they would abandon all technology and return to a medieval state in an attempt to prevent the very thing they were avoiding from destroying their home. Mutahar, becoming the Mutaking cordoned off regions to be led and governed by his Five Original Twitch Mods, now known as the Five Faithful Mods: Lord Nightsbladeoftruth, who founded the high fantasy province of Gothika, Lord Teamskyward, who founded the Zelda-theme land of Thunderclap, Sir Areis, who founded his dream, military nation of New Alexandria, Lord Auron, who founded the strictly governed Auronia. Lord Wolfbane chose to protect the Mutacastle and its surrounding forests by dwelling in the Jaded Gardens. Numinextra, an old, treacherous friend of Sir Areis, seized control of Wikiria, slaying its governors and founding the no-man's land of the Bolshevik Badlands. Shortly after the nations were established, the Mutaking took his Five Faithful Mods on a spelunking trip into the hellish Fire Caves of Sognation beneath the Mutacastle, where they stumbled upon a shrine containing five orbs...the Orbs of Unity. Upon approaching the shrine, they saw visions of war and destruction, and in an attempt to protect their land, they buried the shrine, stealing the orbs to prevent the apocalypse from occurring, soon after, an explosion of magic killed the Faithful Five and the Mutaking. However, the next day, they reappeared, as healthy as ever, and the Mutaking divided the five orbs among the Faithful Five, and as if by some kind of magic, their lands began to thrive. So began the Age of Green.

Numinextra grew jealous of his allies, betraying his friend, Sir Areis, using him as a scapegoat to commit heinous crimes, and with that, coupled by the taboo experiments he was using his power for, and his bestial tendencies, caused him to be restrained by the others of the Faithful Five, stripped of his power, and locked away in the haunted Pyre Asylum for all eternity, where his wails would go unheard, and he would be left to rot. Soon after Sir Areis' fall, his land began to die, and after a failed attempt to seize control over New Alexandria, Numinextra was confronted by Lord Auron. Using the stolen power of the Mutaking's Orb, he placed a spell over Auron, manipulating his mind and rewriting his loyalties. Knowing his control over the most powerful of the Faithful Five was only temporary, Numinextra created Moobot, using it to continue his twisted control over Auron. Soon, Auron's land, too, began to die, and thus began the Age of Gold.

With New Alexandria and Auronia, now known as the Bovine Plateau, both dying. Numinextra attacked the tiny, neutral Wikiria, using the stolen power of the Mutaking before slaying its king and creating the Bolshevik Badlands. He then hired his most trusted general to attack the Mutaking and the Mutacastle. The Mutaking, because of this, was thrown into the Abyss, and General Sonicthehedge took on the guise of the Mutaking, manipulating the mind of the Mutaqueen to rule over Sognation for 500 years. The Mutaking imprisoned, Darkness began to creep across the land, corrupting all, as the Power of Unity was deeply rooted within him. Lord Auron and Sir Areis both began to deteriorate, their own corruption spreading among the remaining nations...thus beginning of the Age of Darkness.

Features: Players will visit each area of Sognation, roughly 1000 years after its founding, as they attempt to either save the Faithful Five, or permanently destroy them, as years of deterioration have rendered them mortal.They will travel from the tundra that is the Bolshevik Badlands, to the haunted asylum that is the home of an insane Sir Areis, to the steamworks factory that is the Bovine Plateau, through the labyrinthine Jaded Gardens, before they will finally visit the valley of the Mutaking, even exploring the hellish Fire Caves of Sognation, and the fatal Abyss.

~Mini Sidequest/Superboss: For each of the Hero Party to obtain their ultimate weapon and armour.

~Loads of Bosses: For the hardcore fans of such games like From Software's Souls series.

~Six Unique Provinces: Each with their own unique themes.

~A bestiary that any hardcore gamer will enjoy.

~A soundtrack likewise.

~Player-driven campaign: With many moral choices changing how the story plays.


~Difficulty: The game is brutally hard, but not impossible.

~Level Grinding: Is your friend, but also is not a walk in the park either.

~Glitches: This is standard, especially since I literally built the entire game in two weeks. Though only ONE of them I know of is gamebreaking (SEE NOTICE BELOW!!!)

~Few Sidequests: I'll get there, but I have other projects atm. (That's why it's here and not in "Completed Games")

~No Chests/Collectables: Like the above, I'll get there, eventually.

~Confusing Premise: Although fans of SOG and followers will get many of the references. A lot of them will be difficult to identify for those who don't follow the channel. But the game does not rely on knowledge with the channel.

~*NOTICE*: I didn't make it very clear, but DO NOT SAVE AT THE PORTAL TO THE ABYSS!!! Unless you have the Ring of the Abyss equipped, DO NOT SAVE AT THE PORTAL!!! or at least, save on multiple files, because a glitch will take you into the Abyss for instadeath without even giving you a chance to equip the ring. The project files are almost a gig, and my Internet is notoriously slow, which is why I haven't patched it yet. Which brings me to this little helpful tidbit of advice: Make Sure you Equip the RING OF THE ABYSS. I would suggest you do it as soon as you get it so you don't forget...or at least do it when you first enter the Fire Caves.

~Battle System Will Need Refining: 'Nuff said.

~Does require VX RTP: Maybe in a future version I'll stick all the RTP files into the game so you can play it without RGSS-RTP, but not today.


~I'm gonna drop it a high 'T', maybe low 'M', primarily due to the fact that is has very strong, uncensored language.

Hmm...VVcap just failed, so let's hope these images go through...



Welcome my Son, welcome to the Machine!

(BEWARE THE LOOPING HALLWAY, NO JOKE! I'm the dev, I got lost for a good two hours)


No, this is not the Stairway to Heaven, it's just the stairway to Teamskyward's floating palace in the sky.


Where do we go now, where do we go, sweet child o' mine? (This is actually a very dark area, I just

turned up the brightness so you can see the screenshot)




99.9% sure we already established this...but if Mass Effect's "Vigil" playing who can hate it <3


Let's see, sickly green tint: Check. Blood: Check. Bloody handprints: Check. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Suitor hunt theme: Check. Creepy insane laughter and guy: Check. Ghosts: Check. Wicked Artorias of the

Abyss growl: Check. Confusing puzzles: Check. Enemies including Giygas, Corrupted Shades, and Whiteface: Check. Welcome to RPG Maker Nightmare Fuel. Maybe there is some justification in the "Oni" name instead of just being for teh lulz, (and on a dare).
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