Mutli-evaluations with Yanfly's AI Core


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Dec 21, 2016
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Yet another question from me! I'm on a roll. Or perhaps I'm just dense...

In any case, I discovered through searches that it's apparently impossible to use eval in Yanfly's AI Core to evaluate state !== plus another condition, due to the way state !== works. I was hoping someone might help me find a workable alternative.

What I'm essentially looking for is for my Shield Wall ability to only be used when two conditions are true:

  1. user state !== Shield Wall
  2. troop alive members > 1

Shield Wall applies an identically named state which raises all allies' Defense while lowering Agility. However, it doesn't make much sense for a lone fighter to form a shield wall. :p I could just leave it at condition 2 and let random, unnecessary Shield Walls trigger, but I'd rather not do so if I can help it.

Any thoughts?

Edit: Right now I've got it set up like...

Random 75%: Attack, Lowest Agi

Troop Alive Members < 2: Attack

State !== Shield Wall: Shield Wall

I'd prefer a better solution, but if I'm right, this should mean that Shield Wall is only used when there are at least two members, because with less than that, AI says attack.

Then again I suppose this mains AI Level will have to be 100... Eh, I'll play with it and see what happens.
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