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Discussion in 'Resource Requests' started by imdb55, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Hi there. I'm still developing my RPG game and completed my first demo version. Unfortunately it didn't make it into this web because my game was contained soundtracks from the other game. (Yes. I've made a mistake and I apologize for that. Even I was added a credits. Now I deleted these downloaded and rigged stuffs (Except for Wingless-Seraph's. And of course I'll add his credits later)) Because of that. I seriously need a lot of musics for my work. Here's the detail of the musics I need...

    My RPG genre and how the battle BGM works
    My RPG game is a fantasy adventure game that you'll adventure though Artherac (An in-game land with the medieval-europian theme. But some section of the land is egyptian/arabian themed (for deserts) and Norse/Iceland themed (for snowland)). And when you encountered the battle. the battle bgm is randomized and changed depends on where you are now (Even me. A single battle BGM for the entire game sounds boring) by eventings and variable randomizings. (Ex: When you're in the forest and you're being encountered. The battle BGM will be randomized between "Forest1" to "Forest3". But when you're in the desert. The battle BGM randomizing will be changed between "Desert1" to "Desert3" instead). And for bosses BGM. Well, Most of bosses is using a single BGM. But some bosses (with multiple phases) used more than one BGM. And of course I also need some eventing songs too.

    Requesting Notes
    - The Green section is what I already have one.
    The Red one is what I need.
    I already searched for some. But I do accept to listen for the second opinions. I may accept more than what I requested. And I will likely request more than what I planned for now.

    Music List
    Forest normal battle 1 2 3 4
    Theme: Medieval, folks (maybe flutes, violilns or (folk) guitars), Beautiful, maybe a little joyful. No metals. Rock is acceptable but not too much.

    Desert normal battle 1 2 3 4
    Theme: Arabian/Egyptian Ethnic, maybe desert-style rock.

    Desert bosses:
    - Iron Giant: Orchestral, Epic, Choir, Magnificent, Dark. (Imagine about you're fighting against a giant)
    Snake Queen: Egyptian ethnic, Epic, Desert Rock. (She's based on Cleopatra)

    Elven forest normal battle 1 2 3 4

    Theme: Melancholy, Fantasic, Violins, Beautiful.

    Elven forest bosses:

    - Peacock (aka. Garuda)
    - Phase 1: Epic, Orchestral, Beautiful, Violins, mainly use of female vocal (doesn't mean it has to be with lyrics).
    - Phase 2: Close to Phase 1 but more epic and more thrilling.

    Cave normal battle 1 2 3 4 (Not to be confused with Catacombs, Graves, Gothic Ruins normal battle themes)
    Theme: Brave, Adventurous, little Dark, maybe some guitars.

    Cave bosses:
    - (First) Minotaur: Orchestral, some thrills, Magnificent.
    - Assassin (Second Encounter): Rivalry, Cool, Rock, Minor Japanese flute.
    Chimera: Thrilling of hunt, Orchestral, Fast.

    City night normal battle 1 2 3 4
    Theme: Jazz (Brawl kind of jazz), Underground street, Saxophones, Catchy. (I know, My game is fantasy genre. But I planned to use these musics with outlaws/bandits/gangsters battles)

    City night bosses:

    - Tough Brute with a sword: (I planned to use one of the normal City night normal battle music)
    Crime boss: Catchy battle jazz, Epic.

    Catacomb normal battle 1 2 3 4
    Theme: Gothic, Dark, Violin.

    Catacomb bosses:

    - Reaper: Slow, Sorrowful, Choir, Orchestral.

    Snowland normal battle 1 2 3 4
    Theme: Cool, Violins, Beautiful, Orchestral, Female Choir, maybe piano.

    Snowland bosses:

    - Ice Queen: Cool Rock, Beautiful, Melancholy, Violins.

    Volcanic normal battle 1 2 3 4
    Theme: Hard Rock, Heat, maybe some piano.

    Volcanic bosses:

    - Sibling Generals: Dark, Orchestral, Guitar, Choir.
    Master Necromancer: Epic, Magnificent, Orchestral, Organ, Choir, Final-boss-like (But he isn't).

    Demon castle normal battle 1 2 3 4
    Theme: Brave, Cool, Epic (in a normal battle ways)

    Demon castle boss:

    - Final Boss
    - Phase 1: Choir, Epic, Final-boss-like, Orchestral, Piano.
    - Phase 2: Violin, Choir, Final-boss-like, Epic, Orchestral. (close to Phase 1 but more aggressive)
    - Phase 3 (Option 1): Epic, Choir, Violin, Piano, Orchestral, Magnificent, Final-boss-like, Very-near-conclusion. (Close to previous phase but with the best epicness)
    - Phase 3 (Option 2): Epic, Violin, Very-near-conclusion, Final-boss-like, Magnificent, Hopeful. (Think about Final bosses musics in Modern Sonic games that plays their game's main theme in an orchestral version) (May little different to previous phase)

    - Scene 1&2: Calm, Sadness, Female Vocal.
    - Scene 3: Close to previous scene but more hopefull.
    - Special: Horror, Dark, Lullaby, No choir or vocal.
    - Bar: Smooth Jazz, Romantic, Piano (Single Piano if you can. Or less instruments as possible)
    - ??????: Space Techno, Cool.

    Faceset (Absolutely easier than music request)
    As I said. I only need a single faceset. And that is SF_Yakuza emote faceset.


    PS. I know this is a huge request after my own mistake. And I understand that it need much times to find, create or whatever.
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    Resource Requests is for small requests only. That music list is far too big for this section. I suggest you start going through the section 'General Resources'. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tracks already there. Yes, it will take a bit of time, but that is the only way you are going to get such a range of free music. As well as looking at General Resources, you might consider looking in 'Resource Workshops' and making a request for a single track if you want something more specifically geared towards your game.
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