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Aug 24, 2017
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Engine: MV

Synopsis: Not Another Fanciful Tale is the first planned installment in a proposed Fanciful Tales game series and will feature future sequels and/or prequels such as Yet Another Fanciful Tale and A Fanciful Tale: The Story of Randal the Great. The setting is that of a familiar-yet-different world where the Harbinger and their trusted Arbiters must battle against and vanquish The Great Evil. This fantasy game will have an ATB battle system, a dynamic variety of classes, and game elements familiar to veterans of JRPGs yet easy to master for newcomers to the genre. A demo is in the works using the resources that I have available.

Positions/Roles Needed: Spriter, Scripter, Composer

- Spriter:
The sprites in the game will be Tall Sprites. I have made Side View and Map View sprites of the main characters and would need those translated into a Tall Sprite format that is similar in style to MV and the mobile game FFBE. Additionally for Map View sprites I would like to include diagonal movement sprites. After the main characters are created a generic "template" for future male and female characters in both Map and Side Views would be appreciated. Creating the main characters would be a huge relief as it would allow me to better focus on other aspects of the game and to create generic NPCs at a later point.

- Scripter:
The Scripter will have a very important task as the feel of the game, and in particular its Battle System, will heavily rely on the scripts/plugins that YOU create! Or assist with. The ultimate goal is to release this on a mobile/Android platform, so the plugins would need to be mobile friendly. I would like the battle system to look similar in appearance to that of FFRK, but with a few key changes that I think would improve it. I created a mock up of what I would like the battle system to look like:


Here we can see several things. When a character is placed in either the front or back row they simply move up or back and not huddle together like in Yanfly's Formation plugin. Both the HP and ATB bars appear below the actor. Only the active actor's information is shown at the bottom of the screen. Unlike FFRK where each actor can only equip two abilities, in NAFT each actor can have four. So the bottom action area would need clickable/pressable pictures that represent Attack, Guard, Abilities, and Limit Burst. Pressing Abilities or Limit Burst would then reveal the equipped actions that the actor is able to make. Additionally, a change from FFRK is that usable items (such as HP potions, Revive potions, Ability Restore potions, etc.) are usable in battle, so an additional icon/selection is required for those.

All plugins and scripts need to be compatible with Yanfly.

- Composer
The majority of the music that I envision for NAFT is that of the rock/metal genres. The main theme would be an epic ballad that is a symphonic metal/jrock hybrid of pure listening bliss. While the boss battles will be musical melodies like no other, even the random mob battles will carry the weight like the FFIX battle theme.

My Roles/Positions: NPC sprites, mapping, eventing, writing. I will be doing must of the scut work to make everything work together, what I really need assistance with is perfecting the visuals and musical feel.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to working with you!

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