Feb 14, 2019
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Simple Radius effect Dimming Flashlight and Batteries

So some will find this trivial, but thought I'd post to help out the newer members. I'm a novice myself with eventing but this works, so if you see something that might work nicer and cleaner... please feel free to add in some screenshots to show the rest of the class!

For this project I'm simply using Galv's Visrange plugin for MV get it ----> HERE
Once you have it installed and have read over the help files, we are ready to begin *cracks knuckles*

First thing you need is a common event that when the player "uses" the flashlight (or Torch as I have it) item the system knows what to do with it. Inside the Common event we are going to set up some variables to set. So lets set those up! Follow along with the image that i have inserted. I have it numbered and highlighted.
fig 1
Screenshot 2020-10-16 101331.png
1) go to any event window and select Control Variables. When you click it it will open the window you see for step 2.
2) Select the populate box to bring up the window in step 3.
3) Name your variables.... make sure you remember which is named which because you may need to call on the data that will be stored on these numbers later. In this case i used 3=Zoom, 4=Opacity, and 5=Battery Life

Now that you have your variables named you can use them to start setting some initial data for the system to pull when the player uses the Torch. Make sure you have made both the Torch and the Batteries in the item section of the Database.

The torch will look like this
Screenshot 2020-10-16 095114.png
NOTE: My Occasion says always because I have a custom menu that pops up outside the default main menu. You will want that to be set to Menu Scene unless you have a custom menu system.
The batteries... Like this
Screenshot 2020-10-16 102529.png

The scope on both are not really all that important so don't worry about that part.

Now lets go back to that Common Event list and start telling the item what to do when the player uses it.

First don't forget we want it to be dependent on Batteries for the charge so we are going to use Conditional branches with Else selected. Under the first condition we want to take those variables and make sure we set some starting values to them (See Fig 1 - 4 and 5) The numbers can be tweaked to what ever you want, this is just to show you the HOW of it. Make sure you have the Zoom, and Opacity set... add in a tint screen if you want to give another level of immersion, don't forget to put a value to the Battery Life.
Once you have number values set for each variable, don't forget to do a change item command, and take a battery away from the players inventory, or else they will end up with unlimited recharges and that's not fun!!

Throw in a Switch now to indicate the second Common Event that controls the dimming to start/stop> I named it Charged.

In the Else portion, we want to tell the system what to do if the player DOESN'T have the D battery. In this case something like : "Its dead Jim." (yeah i had to) or "This item can't be used"

Your Common event for the Torch Item should look like...
Screenshot 2020-10-16 094226.png

Next we will make a Common Event that will trigger a PARALLEL Event (we want parallel because it will be a real time event and auto run will halt all activity until the commands have run their course.) We want it to activate when the switch Charged is ON so at the top make sure to change your settings to reflect the command.
In the contents we want to reflect a gradual decrease of the values we set in the first common event. The wait times can all be tweaked one more to suit your means for your game. But the important thing is it will be a looping event. We want to indicate that the Variable to focus on is Battery Life. It can not go lower than 0 so we want to be sure to tell the system.. if the battery life is 0 then the loop will break and continue to additional commands once it has. Now you might be wondering why did you bother making the Zoom or Opacity variables if the focus is on Battery Life?!! Well because now as the system is being told to Loop til Battery Life = 0.... the values for the other two will be decreasing in the background. Well we need to actually set the decrease in values for the system to execute. This is done by setting the Variables from SET to SUB (See Fig 1 - 4) and then setting a number value for the variable to decrease (See Fig 1 -5)

Once that variable value hits 0 we need to tell the system what to do. Its much like a Conditional Branch, just in a more gradual way. The desired effect is to have the screen revert back to how it would be if the Torch was never used to begin with. Also be sure to change the Charged Switch to OFF.

Your Common event for the Torch dimming should look like...
Screenshot 2020-10-16 094247.png
There is a lot more that can go here especially if you have a battery indicator like i have in my final version (i posted the png images on my >>>graphics thread<<<) If someone wants the full battery indicator event just let me know and I can post the windows a post in this thread.

Now.. transferring maps...
We want it so that if the player leaves the map, the torch will stop ticking down the Life number. We also want to be sure that when the player returns to a map that is dark that, IF there is still a number stored on the Battery Life Variable, the player can still utilize the "charge". I accomplished this by including it in the transfer event to the map.
Again we are going to use Conditional branch. Inside a conditional branch... with an Else. Confusing right? Well if you map it out, you want a set of commands that tell the system what to do:

1)when they have a torch
2)when they have a "charge" left
3)when they don't have a torch

so lets start.
Here is where we will also call on the Visrange as per the plugin help file I shared above from Galv.

First off, Lets start with if the player has the Torch. What do we want to happen. Well does the torch have battery life left? Does the player even WANT to use the torch if so?
That means we need an IF the party has Torch as the main Branch, nested (Branch in side a branch) with a battery life check.
Each branch needs the commands you want the system to preform just as you did before for the Common Event earlier. I also added in the Show Choices to ask the player if they do indeed want to use the Torch. There is a lot more that can go here. The content is up to you. This is just once more.. the HOW of it.

To save some text and my carpal tunnel, See the shots below how to set it up :)

Screenshot 2020-10-16 094339a.png
Screenshot 2020-10-16 094339b.png

Once more all values can be tweaked to your own liking. Also NOTE.... make sure on the exit transfer event from the map that you turn off the Switch we used (Charged) and the Visrange plugin.
It might look like
Screenshot 2020-10-16 115304.png

Hope this helps someone.... and again if there is something I missed or something that needs added... let me know!!

Happy making!
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Apr 20, 2019
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Sounds great! Should definitely check it out!

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