MV Software Bug Report: Enemy skills on ally, animation mirrored incorrectly


Nov 1, 2014
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This bug is 100% repeatable, and can be reproduced in new projects with no other modifications like plug-ins.

Bug Explanation: Enemy skills on allies as targets has an incorrectly mirrored animation.
Exact Steps on How to Replicate Bug:
1. Create a new project with the latest version of MV (in my case that would be 1.3.4)
2. Go to the system tab, checkmark the Use Side-view Battle option
3. Rotate a claw animation to 315 degrees.
4. Have a skill use that animation
5. Make a new enemy and have them only use that skill
6. Compare animation to that in editor.
Bonus: Give ally same skill and have them use it in the same battle.

Sample Project:!Ap_IlEcPCSlF3TIvX81eIRsp2TfK

Additional info:
It appears the rotation is being modified in some way, but not in the same way in the editor. I have yet to come up with a good theory for this.

This bug has been reported before in different ways, none of which use this template.

I did not post in any of these since they are older than 30 days. I have preformed an exaustive forum search for posts within 30 days and have yeilded no results of posts for me to post in, so I have made a new post.

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