MV versions of VexedEnigma's VX Ace Thief sprites


May 14, 2021
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Hello! Kind of what the title says, I recently decided to port one of my projects from VX Ace to MV, but hit a snag when I realized one of my favorite sprite sets - VexedEnigma's Thief sprites from the VX Ace Community Pack DLC - wasn't going to transfer over well without some extra work involved.

I ran across a really great thread here that pointed out some resources for resizing VX Ace sprites for MV, but even after doing so they don't match the sprite style for the rest of the MV sprites. I don't have very good pixel art skills myself, so attempting to edit them on my own would probably just be an exercise in frustration :(

That said, would anyone here happen to have the time/skills to edit the resized sprites into an MV style? I have some backup sprites I can use in place of these NPCs, so it's not an urgent or high-priority request by any means. It would just be a shame to let go of VexedEnigma's designs since they're so unique and beautiful, so I figured there would be no harm in asking ^^

(Also, just in case anyone was worried, the Community Pack's TOS states that the materials contained within can be edited for the purpose of game creation, so there shouldn't be any legal issues with editing the sprites.)

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