[MV] Yanfly Battle System - STB; Action Per Turn Limit Issue


Mar 31, 2014
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The short:
Yanfly's STB Battle System plugin hard-codes a limit of one action per turn (excluding instant casts). Is there any way to remove this block to allow actors multiple actions in a turn when "Action Times+" is in use?

The winded:
According to the script itself, the STB plugin hard-codes a limit to the actions per turn available to any given actor. It states this is to prevent balancing issues. This means even when I have a skill, class, or actor set with the "Action Times+", they will ONLY be able to do a single action.

I have already considered using Yanfly's instant cast plugin, in fact I use it for the skills that grant extra turns, but this would require duplicating every skill. I would end up having a very messy set of conditionals to replace the normal skills with instant variations... then back again, to prevent a never ending turn. (Variations for classes, skills, levels...limiting the amount of skills I can make due to needing duplicates, etc.)

I was hoping... Could someone point out which snip-it(s), in Yanfly's STB battle system plugin, deals with limiting the number of actions per turn in the plugin, at the very least?

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