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Mar 14, 2018
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Engine: RPG Maker MV

Synopsis: "We heard you like Isekai (so we put some Isekai in your Isekai)" is a game built in and around memes. In it you will control* a protagonist that gets pulled from his dreary life into a fantasy world - only to completely ignore all established notions of the Isekai-trope and do his own thing, oftentimes with hilarious result.

Prepare for a game that explores every "Trapped in another World" trope and Isekai cliché and turns them upside down and inside out. Prepare for a protagonist that is 60% sarcasm, 20% facepalming and 30% biting irony - who would rather lure enemies into devious traps, or strap explosives to chickens and herd them into dungeons than ever actually face enemies in open combat.

Prepare for a game that repeatedly and forcefully drives a ten-feet-pole through the fourth wall. Where evil monologues gets interrupted, side-quests gets ignored and (pixelated) animals get used for things they where never intended to be used for in the first place.

"We heard you like Isekai" is intended to be a fun game for people who like Isekai, but keep asking questions such as "why on earth would the MC do that?" or "Can the MC really be that stupid?" or "If the MC knows how to make explosives, why does he even bother showing up for a fair fight?"

*as in "you get to decide his actions - most of the time"


The small print:
This is a new game in the very infant stages of development. It is an idea that's been tumbling around in my brain for months - that I now want to turn into something tangible.

The game is not meant to be a long RPG-grindfest with countless combats against random mobs until you hit a high enough lvl to go to the next zone, but rather aims to be a parody of the many "summoned to another world" animes, stories and whatnot going around at the moment. While I do hope to put in choices along the way, its present form and concept might be something along the line of a kinetic novel. With plenty of over the top dialogue, hilarious cut-scenes and eye-rolling cliché plots for the MC to cleverly dodge in his quest to return to his own world. Possibly with the inclusion of either light crafting or a bit of cleverly made and completely ridiculous puzzles (in the style of old games such as Discworld or Monkey Island) to tickle out a chortle or two from the player.

"We heard you like Isekai" is intended as a free-time, hobby level product and not a large-scale thing with a 20+ hour gameplay length. But if any of the above sparks your interest and you feel like this could be a fun thing to put together, then send me the modern day equivalent of a carrier pigeon. I'd love to hear from you!

Positions/Roles Needed:

  • Mappers (for those cool cool maps) - High Priority
    • I know how to map, but I know there are a lot of people who are a lot better at it than me. If you are one of them, I would love to see your work.
  • Eventers/Scripters/What-the-hell-do-you-call-the-people-who-make-things-happen? - High Priority
    • "We heard you like Isekai" is going to be shock-full of funny events that will happen when the player least expects them. If you know how to event well and feel like you want to help try make something funny, hit me up.
  • Writers
    • While I plan to do the majority of the writing myself, I've always felt that two heads is better than one, and someone to toss idea/narratives and dialogues back and forth with would be awesome. If you are bursting with snarkiness, rapier-wit and witty double entendres that you feel would be perfect for a project such as "We heard you like Isekais", send me a DM. Dazzle me with humor and you are 110% of the way there.
  • Artists/Pixel artists - A Faint Dream (?)
    • One of the easiest ways to stand out as a game is through visual imagery. I am a huge fan of the visual busts in RPGmaker games and would love to implement something like that - for the MC if nothing else. I know a lot of people do these on commission, but if you feel like your art would be great for a small project like this, and want to pitch in. Heck yes! Same with pixel art, really. If you want to make chickens strapped with explosives or feel like you could enrichen this project with your amazing artwork somehow, I agree with you and definitely want to hear from you.

My Role(s)/Position(s): Lead Designer, Lead Writer, World-builder, Mapper and The Rest
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Jul 22, 2014
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