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    So I am still in very early development stages.
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    So far this is all the GUI is, I want to improve upon it today. But so far there are over 30 hair pieces, 5 head shapes, about a dozen ear pieces, only 4 nose types, and about a dozen beards. I think less than half a dozen eye shapes.

    Future Development Goals: Have a sorted list of features to change up, with category headers/titles for ease of use. Label the two RGB selectors. Label the skin and hair color lists. Update the save function to be compatible with other systems.

    Custom_Sprite5.png Custom_Sprite9.png Some examples of the randomly formed faces.
    Controls will be arrows. S for save and R for random.

    I am hoping to have an active link up by tonight :)

    Also, please let me know what features/assets you wish to see in this project, as I am open to feedback/input. I want to make this as useful for others as possible.

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