My Game's character sprites need to be edited as-well as the faces


Jul 31, 2014
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Hello everybody! I need somebody here to help me out and make/edit a few character sprites and faces for me. I'll be releasing a few more requests by editing this post and will ask for only one request to be fulfilled at a time. My first character I'll need done is going to be—well, pretty much a guy in a tiger suit. I'll provide a few pictures below, too. I'll also add two or three character sprites and faces you could edit from. The guy in a tiger suit—yeah, that's what I'll refer to him as for now—should wear a tiger suit, but with a hood that looks as if it were actually the face of a tiger;the top's bottom would be the teeth/mouth of a tiger. The tiger sprite you could use for the hood could help out:

You could use an original character sprite from here:

I have three character facesets for you to edit with:

The top left one on this one is what I need for the faceset.

That and the image below will too be for the faceset.

They're emotions are different!
Thank you in advanced!

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