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Sep 5, 2020
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Well after pondering a bit, would i have 4 party members or do i go 6 or maybe 8. I suddenly thought:popcorn: what if i would make one of the party members what you would call villain in fantasy games ?:LZYhuh:. It might give goofy and fresh approach to story and also show bit how those dark guys might think :LZSevil:. Making party size to 4 or 5 it would be possible to give better idea of their personalities and tastes also dislikes and such.


Our Villainous character likes more adventuring and exploring than conquering neighbour towns or cities. Of course that kind of behavior isn't really well looked among his relatives. They actually paid some Magician to teleport our poor guy to some unknown continent :p and he found himself strange looking area. This is basicly my initial starting plot for the game, i develop it as i decide other character types that he meet. Twist it that all other member of the party are females;) making it even more interesting.

Battle system

As i slowly learn how it plays and work, for now i use original system. After i have get hang of balancing the enemy encounters and their stats, so that battles are decent ill try add more to it. Sideway battling perhaps or character imagines with hp mp and tp bars. Damage popups so its easier to see how much damage player do the enemies are probably one i try add at least if i can.

Classes/skills and spells.

For now i don't touch them much, only making one new class with skills and spells. I use basic database as example how to set one and what kind of formula etc i need to use for spell or skill. Making unique class with skills and spells from scratch is good way to practice, developing every character class and skills for the game is bit too hard challange for me currently, but i do it eventually :).

Armors/Weapons and items

Same as class database, i wont touch them much but i use them as example. I am planning to make whew new armor and weapon and maybe even item. I start 2 or 3 first and then as i learn how to make them decently balanced, i add more variation without changing the base types. Maybe in future i build all armors and weapons for the game :cool: Items are bit more unsure thing, i might rename them or add whew new ones.


Hmm this is harder one :LZYhuh: since i am very new using rpg maker. I think that for now i settle for games basic monster database and add whew more from ds and ds+ resource packs. Take a look in steam if there are any battler dlc:s and look around here at forums. Changing color and name, using different variant etc... after i find decently good visual program and learn to use it, i give it a try make them myself but that's pretty long a road :LZSblush:.


For now i use that comes with rpg maker, look around forums if i find something. Window system for menu i will change but probably can't do much about resolution :LZSteary:.

Land/Towns etc

Hmm i have made 120x120 map, which i change and add things slowly. I figured that i build world slowly one corner of time. With cities, dungeons, forests, rivers etc and perhaps make some different of others. Being continent that is secluded and hard to travel there with normal means...hehe that takes bit time. I need to figure how they travel it to other areas :ninja:. One idea that i had was using temples to connect one to another, requiring to travel dungeon like area to reach destination. Left side being separated to central and central same way with right side of the world map.

So basicly i build left side of world map first then put temple which transfers party to central part of world map. This way i can finish world map part at time then start build another. It also allows me easily to change landscape or add towns or towers etc freely, kind of build sample map which i test first to see how it plays. After all works fine i can then move work another part of the map and finish it.


Hmm i am thinking to make very simple intro area, after figuring out how to get it work. ill make so that our villainous person starts there. Add simple scene to play with music...bit backstory etc. Music i will use some dlc packs and what comes with rpg maker. Variate them a bit if i can and choose whew different ones that i use.

So this is basic layout for the game i have initial plan to make, it is fantasy rpg with bit of wacky twists and sometimes strange adventures in this secluded continent. Damien which is this Villainous secondary protagonist name tries to just figure out how the heck he got there.:LZSyum:.

I want to hear what you think about this ? do you have some recommendations or advice what i could do to make this game unique or be something that you would like to test out ?
I mostly want to do games for no commercial purpose and my self enjoyment . I am also planning to put it here for you to have fun with it later, after i have got it work decently smoothly and developed it some more :)

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