My Pixel Art Struggles

Discussion in 'Art, Literature, and Music' started by bbbdddzzax, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Hello, I am BBBDDDZZAX and I am an artist, of course.

    I wanted to discuss my struggle with my art, especially pixel art. I also want to see if I could get any tips as well!

    So recently I have been making a ton of pixel art! AND IT'S LITERAL STRESS.

    Here are some examples of one of my best works! 

      View attachment 34609 View attachment 34610  

    I've also been painting, which helps me relieve the stress I get from trying to make my pixel art.

    I would put an example but I am pretty new and I don't know how to add spoilers.

    I actually want some advice for how to improve my pixel art, if it should be improved at all.

    Also I want to hear your struggles as well! 

    Well, my grandma is chasing me with her tank again, so I better get going! Cya!
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    Heya, the way to add spoilers is to highlight your images/text and then click that button shaped like an eye.

    And yeah, pixelling is hard. u.u I mean I've done it before, but holy hell, it's so time consuming for so little reward?? I generally try to stay away from it unless it's necessary for aesthetic purposes... Your own pixels look pretty advanced already, but here are the tips I'd give for improving further: 

    With the animation on the winged lady, the last frame on her right wing seems to extend a little too far out. Or you could improve by 'skewing' the wings to animate them rather than just moving them back and forth. At the moment it looks ok, but it could be less stiff. If you drew each frame individually it could improve it a lot. And also the arms moving when the head stays still leads to the head looking a little stiff. I actually don't think the arms have to move at all, just a wing animation could be nice -- alternatively you could make a tiny movement to the head, e.g. the chin tilting up slightly with each 'breath'.

    As for your pixelling: I think you could still be neater than what you're doing so far. Atm there's still a few rough edges to them, stray black dots inside the borders and superfluous pixels making some edges looked 'square' and jagged. You can never be too meticulous when it comes to pixels!

    In the meantime I think painting is a good thing to do. Normal scale art skills transfer down to pixel size, so it never hurts to practice at ordinary size scale.
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