My Top 5 most addictive touhou theme


Aug 19, 2014
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My Top 5 most addictive touhou theme:

1. Septette for the Dead Princess- This theme seriously is arguably Zun's best work the theme gives a dark and mysterious vampire like feeling and then kicks off with a bad ass upbeat, even without a remix this theme can make you feel like you're against a true vampire lord.

2.Border of Life- This is one of those songs that start out sad and then gets upbeat like the rage of a ghost, nothing could of fit yuyuko more and the original is so great it is so hard to find a remix that can match it's quality.

3.Legendary illusion Infinite Being-now I am sure some of you are like "hey wait a sec why isn't that #1!?" Well truth be told I had a hard time deciding all 3 here would earn #1 in quality however because of that I have to narrow it down based on how well the theme fits the character. Shinki I have little knowledge on. I have not idea what her persona is also her theme is a little strange for her position the whole thing sounds like something that should be used as a true final fight for a series but Zun keeps making more game since so obviously she's not the final fight of the series as of yet at least.

4. Last Remote- God this theme feels like it's sucking you in for an adventure and it feels like it would of made a really nice boss theme but why the hell is it a stage theme then?

5.Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke- definitely a great theme however I don't feel fire in this one which adds disappointment however it's still pretty bad ass 

Everyone is welcome to their own opinions, in fact why not share your top 5 addictive touhou themes and their reasons why they made that list?


Apr 24, 2014
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1. Septette For Dead Princess

Yes without a doubt, anyway Touhou 6 is a breakthrough for Touhou. This song is so epic, really fit well for a damn badass vampire boss. It kinda like "Hahaha you have entered my lair little human, now come to me and feel my wrath!". The melody is so vampirism.

2. Flowering Night

Well, classic? yes, epic? yes, badass? I don't need to answer. So damn like that I can play it(both this and Night of Night arangement version) on guitar

3. Maid and The Pocket Watch of Blood

Hmm, a genius composition I must say, from beat, chord and how this them is blend very well in the stage, talk about music theory you will know what I mean.

4. Lunar Clock - Luna Dial

Fight Sakuya and listen to the song, you find out that this theme is very2 blend and fit damn well for her as a time ruler.

5. U.N Owen Was Her?

Song: crazy? yes, chilling? yes, insane? yes, but... cute? the hell yes, lovely? YES.

Flandre : crazy? yes, chilling? yes, insane? yes, but... cute? the hell yes, lovely? YES.

Why? listen to the verse of the song, is it insane? crazy? chilling? of course, but then in the chorus it becomes somewhat lovely with a cute melody.

Exactly same like Flandre, crazy, chilling, insane from a glance, but the real thing is she just a little childish cute lovely girl. And Zun has done pretty well for his composition of this song for the Extra Stage of Touhou 6 which I said why Touhou 6 is breakthrough.

EDIT : Of course the other songs from another Touhou series also very damn great, I just mention 5 best in my opinion
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