Jun 2, 2014
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Mystic Tales

What is Mystic Tales?

A proposed game that I have been dreaming to create since I was a kid.  I am 24 years old now and I am now looking to recruit members to form a team to make this game/story and reality.


The Story

A group of heroes form a legendary team to collect gems of power that will be used to destroy evil.

Game Play

The game will be somewhat of a tactical Rpg but with a slight twist.  Each level will be set up like a regular chess game.  One side will be the heroes where the other side will be the enemies.  Each character will have a unique set of movement just like the chess pieces in a chess game.  When a player or enemy decides to move on a the opposite piece the battle sequence will then open which will then turn into a turn base Rpg like Pokemon.  A player can move his pieces on the same square in which he would then have the option to link the pieces(players) together.  That way the characters can fight together in a sequence.  I will explain more once we get working together.

Who am I looking for

I am looking for a 

Sprite artist

Someone that will create many different sprites in the game

2d artist

 Someone that will create the many different regular art(anime) assets in the game


We need music, haha


We need someone to script the game to best match my vision.

My job is to manage the team and make sure we are on track with the completion of the game.  If you are interested in hearing more just email me at or visit!story/czvv 
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