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    • Spell crafting- craft artifacts with spell books to harness, unlock, upgrade and use spells from your Grimoire (Artifacts permanently unlock spells and can potentially increase MP, MDEF, or even MATK depending on Spell).
    • Alchemy- Find ingredients to brew potions from recipes you found and unlocked in your Grimoire (rarest ones are hard to find, no potion can be crafted without the recipe).
    • Smithing- Build Armor and weapons for your party and Army.
    • Necromancy- Craft Undead NPCs for your base and undead counter for use in spells(undead counter plus MP and Artifact required for spell, first NPC is a deceased Necroficer who helps you with the Necromancyand main quest related events).
    • Base building- You start with a small shack and evolve into a lair by crafting with resources, excavating the ruins and unlocking features and aesthetics via story progression (in example first stage remodels shack, and unearths the dead Necroficer's hidden lab).
    • Player Choice- Alter the story by deciding certain events or what is allowed in your domain.
    • Corruption- The more vile the Player's actions the more corrupt the main character becomes. Could be visible aesthetically but definitely unlocks abilities and events.

    • Arwan- Main Protagonist (Or Antagonist in this case). Arwan is a half dragon and Sole survivor of a genocide of his village. 18 years old and a fisherman, Arwan was content in his village life until strange armored troops raided his village. He witnessed the chaos, and the murder of his family. The goddess Morrigu spares him from death and sends him to another island. There he discovered the abandoned shack of a dead Necroficer and learned his dark arts. Now he's on a quest of blood and revenge and ultimately the rebirth or resurrection of his race.
    • Mother- Arwans mom, a full blooded dragon, possibly the last, raised her children in Illiyas village after his father died. Dies in the village raid protecting her son.
    • Calleach- Arwan's sister and village Druid apprentice. She tends the Sacred Tree in the village and often consuls Arwan since they were young. She was often his moral compass. Falls in the Ocean during the raid, presumably dead.
    • Sherrif Goldheed- Illiyas law man. During the Raid gives Arwan aid in combat, helps the player get familiarized with battle mechanics. Holds off the enemy raiders so Arwan can get his mom. Presumed dead.

      Morrigu- Goddess of Death Rebirth and Revenge. Often mistaken as evil or even a demon, Morrigu is a mystery. She sees the injustice done unto Arwan, spares his life, and gives him a second chance. Some suspect that Arwan misinterpreted Morrigu's mercy and strayed from her plan. Others believe she corrupted him to gain power among the gods, while a select few believe Arwan is a special type of undead controlled by Morrigu.
    • The Coven- Group of Dark mages imprisoned in a village near Arwan's new shack. They offered Arwan aid if he frees them, after the death of their leader, they follow Arwan unconditionally.
    • Mordren- Coven Leader. Helps Arwan unlock a darker power then betrays Arwan hoping to enthrall him. Arwan defeats him and murders him using parts of his corpse to make his main Artifact of Power: the Grimoire.
    • Alise(working name)- Coven Member and Alchemist. Teaches Arwan about select potions, and identifying plants. Later seen tending to the gardens he builds.
    • Yandre- Coven Member, Dark Mage. Teaches Arwan about select spells, assists Arwan with crafting Artifacts, and is always in the library later in game.
    • Macha- The closest person to being a Necromancer in the Coven. Explains the difference between a Necromancer and a Necroficer, assists with crafting undead and later monitoring the morgue.
    • Commander Servius- Corrupt Paladin from the Order of the Golden Light. Responsible for the Land Raid of Arwan's village. Murdered Arwan's Mother.
    • High Mage Thorin- From the Council of Magi. Power hungry, he oversaw the Naval bombardment of Arwan's village. Arwan learns of this after confronting Servius.
    • Lord Arlington- Duke of Cambridge, sponsored the raid, seeking favor to gain the throne later. Arwan confronts him after discovering this via investigation.
    • More villains and Characters to come.

    • A Necroficer is a Necromancer who uses Artifacts to channel magic and raise the dead. The more Artifacts he has the more powerful he becomes. The story begins in Arwans village of Illiyas. His Mother wakes him up and tells him to go find his sister. Later that night he witnesses a raid on his village as he runs to escape and find his mother. Sheriff Goldheed finds him and helps him along the way before holding off a wave of troops to give Arwan a chance. Arwan later finds his mother and they race to their home where mother tells him a cave exists underneath. As they get to the house Commander Servius confronts them. Mother transforms into her Dragon form and sends Arwan to the cave as she fights the leader. Arwan finds the cave and makes his escape only to be blown up by High Mage Thorin. As he sinks, Morrigu spirits him to her realm and talks with him before spiriting him to Dubnos Island. Here Arwan discovered the Necroficer and decided to take up the Mantle and amass power for revenge and bring back his people. Arwan learns of a nearby village where he confronts the Coven. After freeing them they head back to his shack where the Coven Leader Mordren offers to help Unlock the dark powers within Arwan. Afterwards he attacks Arwan with a spell to bind him in order to make Arwan his thrall but misses. Arwan fights and defeats him as the Ghost of the Necroficer appears and tells him the power he seeks needs a vessel of power, an artifact made from the corpse of a freshly killed mage of power. Arwan then Crafts the Grimoire which allows him to summon a Shade, and grants another spell. The Coven learns of this and explains they only follow a strong leader, in this case the one who kills the previous leader. And since Arwan killed tiber leader, they are now sworn to Arwan. With his new found Coven Arwan conquers the village, and later hunts down those responsible for his villages destruction. Over time he learns of the Legacy Artifacts that when crafted can help him resurrect the dead beyond undead state. Arwan begins searching and crafting these Artifacts some of which are guarded by the very people whom tried to kill him. One by one Arwan defeats them and learns of each motivation as to why his village was raided. Each side revealed a hidden agenda and key to his mother's past and the mystery of his father. He also Learns only after destroying the Circle of Magi, the Temple of Divinity and the two Kingdoms of Therandor and Eradour, that they were unaware of the actions regarding Arwan's village. In the end Arwan either found a way to bring back his bloodline (not fully fleshed out) or resurrect his village which dependent on player actions would support or attack Arwan for his crimes.

    • The Game world is a Dark Fantasy theme with Gaelic overtones surrounding a series of Islands called the Saogan Isles. Half Breeds and Dragons are not favored by Purebloods (Elves and Humans). Many Half breeds are hunted down or enslaved. The Church and Circle of Maji have their own internal conflicts regarding this issue where as the Kingdoms offer a racketeer sort of protection for the Free half breeds keeping them in poverty in order to make them dependent on the nobles. Many become willing and devoted servants. As Arwan frees them, many seek to turn the tables and become the dominant lords. Arwan can either agree(enslaves), disagree (by which he just keeps them in poverty)or execute the purebloods. The Main part of the Game is designed for the player to experience an evil character Experience. Arwan can be complex in his actions or evil for the sake of evil. It's up to the player and ultimately aims to give some understanding of what real life villains may actually be like in contrast to stereotypical character Archtypes. It's not by any means designed for younger children but targeting young adults. There is no ESRB but it could be M for mature due to the graphic nature of the Necromancy features which are a core mechanism.

    Images coming soon

    Demo soon as certain mechanics are functioning
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