Jan 17, 2020
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Who I need?

I am looking for artist that could draw for me busts and/or scenes in anime style for my game.

It would be also appreciated if that person could draw monsters/animals etc. but it's not necessary.
As you can see, this thread is in Project Recruitment and not in Resource Requests, that's because I
don't need a few busts. I'm looking for artist that could draw busts for me up to date, mostly because I want
to stay in 1 art style.

What I can give in exchange?

Well, as you can see prefix of this thread is set to FREE, but it doesn't mean that you would draw for free arts.
I can offer you some of my skills.

Why not to set prefix to TRADE then?

Mostly because i can only offer a few skills.
You have them below:

  • Eventing (I prefer RMMV)
  • Photoshop (for example.: banner for your project/channel/site etc.)
  • Basic pixelarts (By basic i mean basic edits of tilesets and charactes sprites, not complicated tilesets assets/characters)
  • Testing (I can test your project)
What I need?

Busts in resolution 393x415 and scenes in resolution 1280x720 or 1920x1080.

Busts format:

Main Characters: 8 emotions
Side Characters: 2-4 emotions
Episodic Characters: 1 emotion

About my game

Game title: NEKOSIDE*
Game genres: RPG, Action, Adventure
Game flavours: Fantasy, semi-Open World, Dramatic, 2D pixelart

* = Game title can change but propably not and game will be propably divided into 3 parts.


Game will be semi-Open World RPG with many choices that can change your ending. Game is using Alpha ABS Battle System.
I'm planning to make MC nature system which would be dynamical and it would change depending on player past choices.
Project is commercial, but for now i can't tell exact price (Something about 8$) and i'm planning to put my game on Steam.
There will be time system, quick travel, enchancing weapons and armors option, player home customization, romance system that affect
the ending etc.

Quick Lore:

Your name is Zero, Zero Tsurai. You are 16 years old Neko, an Human with cat ears and tail. You have happy live in small village with your friends and your younger sister, Kanae. Your parents died 4 years ago, but you had to deal with it. People from village also helped you and your sister. Your village name is Skaney, it's located in Principality of Ywjilthar which is homeland of Neko. Ywjilthar borders with Empire of Araynia, in the past an ally, but now the enemy. Araynia is homeland of Angels Race, humans with angel wings. The only reason why Ywjilthar is still on the map is because it have alpine terrain which is inaccessible for Angels, even with wings they can't fly that high.


For now i don't have any screenshots etc because graphic is not completely made, but i can show Main Menu of my game.
Main Menu:

If everything suits you and you are interested reply here or PM me, same when you have any objections or questions.


You can contact with me here on this thread or PM me. You can also write to me on discord or steam if you wish.
Discord: ræxxar#4982

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