FREE Need artist for a few Sprites/ SV_Battlers

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    In the kingdom of Sparowdale mythical creatures, human, elves, dwarves and all other races live alongside each other, peacefully coexisting... however it wasn't always like that. Long ago the different races constantly fought, vying for land, resources and power. One race however, did not desire to involve themselves in these petty feuds. The dragons had decided to recluse themselves to avoid getting involved. The battle raged on and eventually began to threaten the very existence of the races and of the land itself. Seeing the destruction that all of these races had caused, the dragons knew that they could not avoid intervening any longer. They tried to calm the races and convince them to co-exist, however they refused to heed the warning of the dragons. Seeing now that the other races could not be reasoned with, the dragons defeated all of them in one mighty show of power. The other races, seeing that they did not have the power to defeat them, surrendered to the dragons and agreed to stop their fighting. A few hundred years passed and theraces all were able to coexist peacefully. However fear and resentment had continued to build towards the dragons that had subdued all of the races. They began to develop weapons and magic that was powerful enough the defeat the dragons, and one day they declared war. This war raged on for nearly a century but as the dragons numbers decreased, so did their ability to fight back. Eventually they went into hiding and the other races began searching the earth,hunting down every last one. Eventually dragons were believed to have gone extinct and the races began to return to their normal lives, agreeing to live together and end the wars. A few millennia have passed and the tale became legend and eventually, most didn't even know of this tale. However a powerful mage, calling himself Basrak the Avenger now threatens the lives of everyone in order to obtain retribution for the dragons slain so long ago. Basrak has recruited many who agree that the races must be punished and they roam the kingdom calling themselves peacekeepers, bullying and abusing the citizens who are too weak to fight back.

    Theo (the MC) has just stumbled upon an ancient shrine of some kind and inside discovers an egg. He brings home the egg and when it hatches, a dragon emerges from inside, who he names Soteria. Theo and Soteria set out on an adventure to see the world but their path keeps leading them towards Basrak, what will become of Theo and what evils will he have to face in his travels.

    Positions/Roles Needed: Artist (Walking/ SV-Battler Sprite)

    My Position/Roles: Designer/ Programmer/ Producer

    Extra Info: It's not a very large role and there aren't going to be any tight timelines or anything of the sort because the game is going to be in production for a while still and I can continue development around the sprites until they are created. If your interested please let me know!

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