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May 31, 2015
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Hey! We were recruiting for our dev team, but things are being kind of slow, so we wanted to get a concept art(ist) to speed things up. So here is a Q&A style information sheet:

Q:  What is Pixel-Z?

A: PIxel Z is an open world zombie survival game being developed in RPG maker XP or Ace.

Q:Will I be paid?

A: Yes and no, we want concept art to start a succesful crowdfunding campaign, and if it ends up funded you will be compensated for your work.

Q: Cool I want to help, where can I get more information? 

A: We have another thread involving recruitment here:

Q: Can I have some more information on the story?

A: Sure! Here is a rough draft made by our Lead writer and co-project manager (MaikeruKeay)


November 8th 2017: Nikolai Dalchinsky and a team of Soviet Union scientists researched enhancing the life-span and survivability of humans. They created a genetically engineered virus that would be planted in your olfactory nerve and access your brain.

June 27th 2019: When war between the Soviet Union and the U.S.A was uprising, the military decided to enhance the traits of the virus to supposedly create super soldiers. When Dalchinsky told the military that the virus would become stronger and fatal, he was kicked from the project, taking with him a sample of the virus.

March 2nd 2020: All files and documents were destroyed...

You play as an American reporter in the war zone in Russia. The environment is cold and sometimes snowy. Colours are rather dull except the red of the blood and the red of the communist symbol and soldiers. (everything else still has colour it's just not as vibrant). 

Q: Can I have a hug?

A: Here *Gives hug*

Q: How can I got involved?

A: Use this thread, PM me, PM MaikerKeay, or use smoke signals (Not really)

Q: Will accepted art land me a position on the team?

A: If your up to it!

Q: What kind of art style are you looking for?

A: Any kind will work! But more of a caricature or cartoony style would be recommended (See Valiant Hearts, Team Fortress 2). As this is a horror game it still needs to be gloomy.

Q: What format would you like it in?

A: Any mainstream one would work.



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Nov 15, 2012
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Recruiting isn't going to go any faster if you post multiple times, please do not post twice for the same thing.  Resource Requests is not the place to recruit people anyway.  Locked.
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