Need (digital) artist's help...

Discussion in 'Resource Requests' started by Finnuval, Aug 14, 2018.

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    Hi there,

    I made this crude, conceptual painting of what will become the title screen for my project... I know need someone to make a REAL picture from it :blush: The picture itself is a desert landscape with the main character looking into the distance.

    Any art-style will probably do as long as it matches the RTP face-sets art a little :cutesmile:

    I will not be able to pay you, so you would be doing this for free, the credit and my gratitude (admittedly that's not much but perhaps you need the experience or just brushing up your skill :D)
    I'm in no rush so you could take as long as you like (besides you need to be satisfied with it as much as I do IMO and real life always takes precedence, I do understand that).

    I would really appreciate if someone picks this up :D:D:D
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    Hi, I happen to be a graphic design student and could probably make something like this on my computer using sketchbook pro. I need to practice my digital art skills anyway. Even though I will be doing this for free I do at least want some credit. Hopefully I can get this done before I start classes again next week.

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