Mar 7, 2022
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So I am trying to do something a little complicated and I just need some feedback before I start going ham trying to implement it.
I am fairly new to RPG Maker so I figure better safe than sorry.

I have a character who has the option to dual wield, sword and board, or two-hand his swords. I plan on using Ramza's dual wielding plugin with the monkeygrip addon to accomplish this by making every sword a two-handed weapon and allowing sword users to monkeygrip. I want him to have a skill that does two instances of damage.
-If he is dual wielding, the first strike will be calculated with his main weapon, and the second with his off weapon. The damage will be affected by the dual wielding penalty. Ex: Equip a fire sword and ice sword, the first strike will deal fire damage, the second will deal ice.
-If he is using a two-handed weapon or a sword and shield, both strikes will deal his main weapon damage and take no penalty. Ex: Equip a fire sword and opt to two-hand it, both strikes will deal fire damage

I am flexible with whether or not any penalties will apply because I can tweak the stats on the damage formula and items to find a happy middle ground but the real problem I am having in trying to map it out is how to have the skill "check" to see if there is an off-handed weapon. I can seem to do one or the other, but not both. Any advice would be welcome and thanks in advance. I am using Yanfly's battle engine core, action sequences, and HIME actor battle commands if any of those might be relevant.

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