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I'm going crazy with this... I've been trying to make this record smoothly for days and I keep running into issues. Hope I can get some help from OBS users.

The problem: the gameplay footage that I record with OBS sometimes have stutter/choppy instances, as if there was a drop in framerate. But such slowdown was never encountered by me when I play the game. I'll try to explain in details so hopefully you guys have a clear idea what the problem is. There are two programs I am testing right now: Duckstation and PPSSPP. No. Nothing to do with piracy.

How I record: At first, I record with Display Capture. For Duckstation, I was testing Tekken 3. I made sure all the settings were as recommended to function. The recordings that I had, they all have some instances in which the game stuttered for a split second as if some FPS were dropped, then back to normal again. I thought it was just something to do with the emulator or the game, and I think I did see those slowdowns while playing as well. I went back to fix some of the settings again, tested the game again, and it seemed to be working flawlessly. But while the game ran well, the recordings still show some instances of split second slowdown, even though I'm sure there wasn't any frame drop at those moments when I was playing. In order to test if OBS or the game is the culprit, I recorded the game with both NVIDIA and OBS. The result was puzzling: both recordings showed instances of slowdowns, but at different time intervals. For example: NVIDIA has a slowdown at 6:05 then ran fine afterward, while OBS has no slowdown at 6:05, but at 6:10. But I don't think I encountered any frame drop around that time. I can't use NVIDIA because I have audio issue with it.

Doing some more research, I realized that I was supposed to record with Game Capture and run OBS as administrator. Well... When I ran OBS as admin, the first recording went well. But the ones after that had many more instances of stutters and slowdowns... because now the game mysteriously have those slowdowns, much more obvious than before. I closed them both and reopened again, this time not with OBS as admin, and those slowdowns (in game anyway) went away. At least switching to Game Capture helped somewhat, even though it didn't solve the problem. I've been using Advanced Mode with the settings recommended by other users. VBR or CQP, I tried them both. Output resolution is 1920x1080. But honestly, this doesn't matter. I've used 720p and even 4k resolution, not much of a difference.

PPSSPP: Tested with Mega Man PU. Because of how everything runs smoothly in this game, I can tell right away when there's a slowdown that shouldn't be there. Game always run smooth as butter. Two of the recordings done in Advanced Mode had a brief slowdown. Another one was by Simple Mode, which didn't have any issue. Maybe it was luck or I missed something. The only hope I have left is that switching to Simple Mode will get rid of all these stupid slowdowns. For Mega Man, it's easy to tell when there's a slowdown that shouldn't be there. But for Tekken, I'm not even sure anymore, lol. Please take a look at the below videos:

1. Display Capture and VBR. Slowdown at 1:10 and Heihachi's final round. I think in Tekken, it usually occurs when the characters block. Oh, and also 5:02 as well.

2. I think this was simple mode. Notice any slowdowns like in the previous one? 2:04? I'm not even sure anymore, to be honest. XD

3. Slowdown at 1:52. I swear there was no slowdown at that point in the game when I played.

System: 1660 Super, 3600, 16 RAM, SSD.

I don't know what else to do at this point. If someone knows how to fix these slowdowns, please enlighten me. There's another guy on Youtube who has the same rig and he also posts Tekken 3 videos with no problems. Maybe I should ask him what he uses... But I know my build is capable of recording some simple gameplay videos. I'm sleepy so not sure if I missed any details. If you need more information, please tell me.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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