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  1. Black Pagan

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    So I was planning to start designing my first Game - A Rogue-like Tower adventure Game which focuses more on Combat, Exploration and little on Story.

    The Story :

    At this point, The Early Concept of the Game is - The Hero who happens to be a Pirate, is Ship-wrecked on a Spooky island because of a Storm. Now he gets to explore this Spooky Island and discovers this Ancient Tower on the far edge of the Island. As he enters it and explores it, He meets Two other Party Members - A Gypsy and an Assassin who eventually assist him on his adventure. The Group set out to explore the tower and reach the Top Floor fighting through what seems like fairly easy monsters and solving very simple puzzles.

    All seems good at first, However there is something very dangerous lurking in the Tower - An Evil Fog. This Fog appears every night at a particular time and when this happens the first time on the 2nd Floor, The Tower alters itself into completely different experience. Dangerous Monsters from another Dimension start spawning and strange anomalies happen (Restricted Movement & Vision), Appearance of Specters (Boss Monsters) ! The Fog remains for a while and then fades away after a timer expires. This Fog cycle continues in a Loop after the Second Floor for the rest of the Tower.

    This is still a very early Game Concept but I have many doubts regarding implementing some of these ideas in the game. Would love to listen to your feedback and Ideas regarding this.

    1) What do you think motivates the Group to reach the Top Floor ?

    I was thinking about one of the reasons being - "Looking for a way to get help by activating a Beacon on the top floor", so they get rescued by another Ship. But I'm not sure this reason sounds as "Exciting".

    2) The Onset of the "Evil Fog" makes it Challenging for Players to Progress Further. What kind of Counter-play would you prefer ?

    I was planning about Camping tents to be found on the Island. The Player could use this to be setup anywhere on the Floor (From the Inventory) and head to sleep and then continue exploration once the Fog had settled in the morning. But then again, I'm not sure if i can even event this or if this feature is even "Fun" to begin with.

    3) How may Floors would you want this Tower to have ?
    Personally, I was thinking maybe 7 Floors simply because its my First Real Game that i hope to complete. Perhaps 7 is too much or too little ?

    I was also planning 2 side dungeon floors where they could fight off Hidden monsters and get Special Gear & Items in addition to these 7 Floors, Bringing it to a Total of 9 Floors. (Planned Size of Floors are anywhere from 20 X 20, 25 x 25 or 30 x 30, depending on what works out for me while designing them).

    Additional Floor Information :

    - There will be only 2 Save points in the entire Game, I want the Game to feel Intense and Challenging
    - I plan to divide the Tower into 3 Sections - Lower, Middle and Upper. My Plan is to scale Difficulties, Rewards and Drops accordingly, A Region consists of Few Floors at once. Floors 1 & 2 would be Lower Section, Floors 3,4 & 5 would be Middle Section, Floors 6 & 7 would be the Tower's Upper Section.
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  2. Canini

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    1, I think your proposed initial goal of reaching the tio to light a Beacon to be realistic concerning the circumstances. IF you want there to be a more fantastical reason you can always reveal it halfway Though the game.

    2, sounds good. I Also think there should be some sort of reward (equipment/money?) for facing the fog in order to create a risk/reward system for the player.

    3, seven floors sounds good, expecially IF there are only two savepoints
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  3. xdan

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    2) How about a special monster that must be killed inside the fog to make the fog dissapear early? I was thinking about some kind of optional mini boss fight that you can complete to turn off the fog or ignore entirely and deal with the fog in its full effect.

    Or in general, something inside the fog that you have to find to turn it off. The choice always being using time and resources to turn it off or just dealing with the fog until it goes away naturally.

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