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May 2, 2013
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Plugin: NeMV - On Step Effect

Version: 1.0

Author: Nekoyoubi

Release: May 2nd 2016


Requires: n/a


Allows your actors' states to perform JavaScript evaluations as you walk on the map... ♪ Every step you take ♪ ... I'm so sorry...


  • Simple notetag setup
  • No prerequisite plugins

Example Use Cases

  • Running common events upon walking (e.g. updating the map dynamically without parallels)
  • Have battle effects linger (e.g. a confusion debuff continues after combat and refuses to let you open the menu)
  • More interesting regen/degen (e.g. see "Mana Flux" below)
  • Randomize your players' fate on the map with more control (e.g. random encounters with enhanced logic)

How to Use

Add step effects to your states via the following notetag:

State  >  Notebox  >  <ON STEP EFFECT>code</ON STEP EFFECT>
It's as easy as that. If an actor in the game party has that state active, you'll see that code's effect execute on each step of the map.

Here are a couple of examples...

<On Step Effect>
if (!($gameParty.steps() % 10))
</On Step Effect>
<on step effect>
if (user.isStateAffected(123))
</on step effect>
In the first example, the actor with the state —we'll call it "Mana Flux"— gains or loses a random amount of mana (+/-100) for every ten steps they take. The second example checks if another state is active on the actor as well, and runs a Common Event if so.

Script (external)

NeMV on GitHub  |  OSE on GitHub  |  OSE on MV Plugins  |  OSE on Stitch Gaming  |  >> Download OSE <<


Q: Does this work with YEP - ______?

A: While this plugin doesn't actually require any of Yanfly's plugins to perform its function, it should still be completely compatible with the YEP. As it is, I run an almost full YEP stack by default without issue. 

Q: Is this able to be used in commercial projects?

A: Absolutely! Wouldn't that be cool?!

Q: If I use this, do I need to say so anywhere?

A: If you can make use of my work on any level, then I would absolutely love to know about it, but I make no attribution requirements or the like. NeMV is licensed under the WTFPLv2.

Credits & Thanks

  • Uhm... everyone? Yeah! Thanks everyone! <3

Author's Notes

This is actually a plugin that I've been meaning to make for a bit. As someone whose game relies as heavily on the map as mine does, you may find that you need more out of your non-combat effects from states. At least that's the case for me, so I built this plugin.

It basically just does what it says on the tin; lets you perform JavaScript evals every time your actors move on the map. Nothing fancy, but an awesome little bit of extra functionality for us map-centric makers.

Happy stepping!  
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