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May 2, 2013
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Plugin: NeMV - Tagged Action Count

Version: 1.1

Author: Nekoyoubi

Release: April 3rd 2016


Requires: NeMV - Tags


This plugin allows the counting of certain actions to be tied to their tags, and optionally, for those tags to be bound to variables in your game.

Currently supported actions:

  • Party kills (enemy tags)
  • Item use (item tags)
  • Item creation (item tags; via YEP - Item Synthesis)
  • Party skill use (skill tags; works with items too)
  • Event use (event tags)


  • The first practical application of NeMV - Tags
  • Flexible enough to support much more than it does out of the box
  • Assists in building entirely new functional mechanics
  • Has nifty plugin commands for easy access in your events

Example Use Cases

The general usage below should give you a couple of ideas, but in case you miss them here are a few of the examples mentioned:

  • Track kill quest progress (e.g. number of slain plants)
  • Track seemingly useless statistics on your players (e.g. number of potions consumed)
  • Build survival systems (e.g. track food consumed to inflict fatigue when malnourished)
  • Limit item use for creating item-based skills (e.g. you can't place more than four traps of any kind)
  • Create an rewarding artisan crafting system (e.g. crafting skill improves the more items you make)
  • Create combat mastery systems (e.g. allow your wizards to focus on an element to raise its power)
  • Even build completely new ability systems (e.g. use certain attacks to build up and unlock special ultimate/limit-break abilities)

How to Use

Configure the respective action entries in the plugin's parameters as the below examples illustrate. These are only examples of what you can do, and what this plugin directly supports.

On Kills
If you want to track how many times you've killed a certain type of enemy (e.g. elementals), add a variable to track the total - something like...

Variables  >  [ 0101 - Elementals Killed ]

Now add a counter in TAC's parameters under one of the "Kill Action Counter" params.  It should look like the following...

elemental 101

Now anytime your party kills any enemy tagged with "elemental"...

Enemy  >  Notebox  >  <tags: fire, elemental, boss, angry>

... the game's variable 101 will increase by one.

You can use this to track quest progress, give your players achievements, or even use the counter to affect combat with a little scripting.

On Item Use
To track how many times party members have used items with a particular tag on the item, first create a variable to track the total uses...

Variables  >  [ 0201 - Potions Consumed ]

Now set an "ItemUse Action Counter" in the plugin params to something like:

potion 201

Now whenever you consume an item with the tag "potion"...

Item  >  Notebox  >  <tags: potion, healing, weak>

... the 201 variable in your game will increase by one.

You can use this to create tolerances for potions, make hunger and survival systems, or even creating item-based abilities for things like placing traps that your party's crafted (e.g. can only have four active traps at a time).

On Item Creation
To track how many times party members have created items with a particular tag on the item, first create a variable to track the total creations...

Variables  >  [ 0301 - Traps Created ]

Now set an "ItemCreate Action Counter" in the plugin params to this:

trap 301

Now whenever you create an item tagged as a "trap"...

Item  >  Notebox  >  <tags: trap, poison, ground>

... the 301 variable in your game increases by the amount of traps created.

You can use this to build a profession system around your item crafting, track crafting-based quest progress, or with some creativity, even give your players built in item variance improvements based on how much experience they have building certain types of items.

On Skill Use
To track how many times party members have used skills with a particular tag on the skill, first create a variable to track the total skill uses...

Variables  >  [ 0401 - Heals Used ]

Now set an "SkillUse Action Counter" in the plugin params to this:

healing 401

Now whenever you use a skill or skill-item tagged as "healing"...

Skill/Item  >  Notebox  >  <tags: healing, holy, regen>

... the 401 variable in your game increases by one.

You can use this to build an element mastery system for your wizards, balance your heal-bot healers with diminishing returns, or even create an entire ability system around building a new energy pool that can be used for ultimate/limit-break abilities.

Please note that with the current implementation of SkillUse, some items may additionally be checked. This allows for things like tag checking bombs thrown at your enemies, but may also lead to collisions with ItemUse cases if super-simple tags are used between skills and items.

On Event Use
To track how many times the player has interacted with an event with a particular tag on the event's active page, first create a variable to track the total event uses...

Variables  >  [ 0501 - Treasures Found ]

Now set an "EventUse Action Counter" in the plugin params to this:

treasure 501

Now whenever you interact with an event page tagged as "treasure"...

Event  >  Comment  >  <tags: treasure, unlocked>

... the 501 variable in your game increases by one.

You can use this to track looting stats, build quests where you must talk to several elders, monitor completion of areas, or even force your players to to lose the game because they've kicked too many puppies.

Future Actions
This being the initial release of the TAC plugin, I obviously don't have all of the actions represented that I would like to. So since I will be adding actions to this as often as I'm able, I thought I'd list a few here that are planned for sooner rather than later.

  • Skill > DamageDealt/DamageTaken/HealingDealt/HealingTaken
  • State > TurnsAfflicted/StateGiven/StateTaken

Plugin Commands
TAC comes equipped with many options for plugin commands for adding, removing, and manually setting tag counters. The format for these commands is as follows.



tac add kill plant 101  
tac remove itemuse potion  
tac set itemcreate weapon 20  
tac add kill animal  

In the examples above, the first adds a Kill counter for enemies with the "plant" tag and sets its game variable to 101. The second removes the ItemUse counter for items tagged as "potion". The third sets the ItemCreate for "weapon" tags to 20, updating its variable if one is associated. The fourth example illustrates adding a Kill counter for "animal" tags that isn't associated to a variable.

Script (external)

NeMV on GitHub  | TAC on GitHub  | TAC on MV Plugins  | TAC on Stitch Gaming | >> Download TAC <<


Q: Does this work with YEP - ______?

A: There is some additional support for YEP - Item Synthesis for tracking created items, and I use this with an almost full YEP stack by default without issue. 

Q: Is this able to be used in commercial projects?

A: Absolutely! Wouldn't that be cool?!

Q: If I use this, do I need to say so anywhere?

A: If you can make use of my work on any level, then I would absolutely love to know about it, but I make no attribution requirements or the like. NeMV is licensed under the WTFPLv2.

Credits & Thanks

  • Yanfly for the guidance as always, and for letting me integrate with his plugins without shooting me on sight!
  • Shaz for the Kill Counter plugin to help inspire this plugin.
  • Gameus for even more reason to build it for all their questy inspiration.

Author's Notes

Based on some of the feedback that I got on NeMV - Tags, I was concerned that while it may be powerful in its simplicity, it may also not be practical enough for people to figure out in the rough. As such, this extension plugin was born. I hope you get more from it than you expect. Happy counting!
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Dec 14, 2012
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This is going to save a lot of time on conditional branches and common events!

Neo Soul Gamer

Aug 10, 2012
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This combined with Yanfly's Actor Variables will make for some pretty neat features! This thing is an AMAZING time saver. Thank you!

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