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May 30, 2016
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My game requires a character creation system like the one in Dragon Quest. Basically you talk to an NPC and you can create and delete characters. How i want it to be made is it takes the first blank entry in the actor list (For example: ID 1 and 2 are used, but 3 is blank) and opens SRD's character creator or any other screen. Then, after the character is made, you give them a name, a class, and choose 1-3 skills that they will use. After that, they are added to your character list and you can use them in battle. Then if you want to delete a character, you can choose any actor (Other than a select few, you can set the undeletable actors with a notetag) and after some confirmation, they will be blanked and a new character can be made in their place.

Sorry if this request is too big. If you have any details you'd like to know, i'll edit the post.

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