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Feb 23, 2012
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Get ready for some new Pixel style graphics for your game!

Add some fun new pixel art creatures to your dungeon battles with the Bosses and Minions Pack! Beowulf is here with a static battler pack full of cute pixelated monsters, from rats and slimes to dragons and liches. Those monsters aren’t lone wolves though, they all have minion and boss options to help you create interesting battles. 70 unique bosses each have their own set of 4 minions, giving you 350 monster battlers to choose from!

Fill your forests and plains with living plants, orcs, goblins, and snakes that each have vibrant personalities that show on their faces, or use similar minions to show different stages during the battle. Bats, mushroom men, skeletons, and spiders could find a home in your underground dungeons, while squid people, sharks, alligators, and frogs can be found near your game world’s oceans and rivers. Or focus instead on making your players laugh with ducks who have studied martial arts, a well-dressed pufferfish with a bunch of kids, and excited green pepper-headed people!

Not even the treasure room is safe, with magically animated weapons and treasure chest ready to battle your heroes! Have them face off against a powerful greatsword protected by smaller shields and daggers, or a huge fanged treasure chest flanked by unamused boxes who know the boss chest will get the best bites. Each battler comes in three sizes, so it’s easy to add them into your game no matter the resolution. Add even more variety to your battles and find inspiration for new enemy skills with the Bosses and Minions Pack!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Upgrade your spell learning system’s appearance with the Magic Runes Pixel Icons Pack! Beowulf has created this pack of 70 pixel art icons sized for MV/MZ, making them perfect for adding to your items or skills. Each runestone design comes with 6 carved runes and 1 blank stone for you to create your own runes! Give your mage water skills marked with cool blue stones and let them learn new fire spells by finding red stones carved with orange markings or orange runes with edges shaped like petrified flames. Light green shards of stone and forest green oval rocks could be used for either wind spells or healing, or perhaps a unique set of poison skills! Steal enemy skills by collecting the death-marked obsidian runes and the crimson stones with wisps of darkness escaping them to master new spells, or sell them off to help fund your party’s adventures! Gray round, pink triangular, and purple egg-shaped runes could be used for healing or general magical attacks, or let your heroes use them to raise specific stats.

The blank stones could be valuable drops that you can sell to sorcerers for new skills or have your party collect them to power up their current spells! So if you’ve been wanting to use runestones for your spell icons or just want to add some new collectables to your game, pick up the Magic Runes Pixel Icons Pack!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Update the battle drops with cool new icons with the Pixel Art Monster Loot Icons Pack! Beowulf is here with another pack with icons sized for MV/MZ, this time focusing on items that you may find scattered on the ground after exciting battles! 90 icons cover a variety of items, from apples to eyeballs and stones to bones, so that no matter what monsters your heroes are fighting against you’ll be able to give them some new gorgeous drops. Have your bird beasts drop feathers and eggs, your spiders drop long creepy legs, and reptilian monsters drop scales and limbs when they’re defeated, or let your thief party members steal food like mushrooms and cheese or gems like diamonds and emeralds from monsters mid-fight!

Give your players more reasons to battle monsters by including side quests that ask them to collect tails from trouble-making imps, or pelts from dangerous wolves to help a mountain village stay warm during the upcoming winter. And if your players are more likely to fight against humans than monsters, give those enemies candies and potions to drop so your players can heal in the dungeon and get right back to the action instead of returning to a town to recover! Use this pack’s icons in your crafting systems to power up weapons by using venomous fangs from a snake to add a poisoning attack to a dagger, or strengthen armor with scale and shell fragments from dragons! Or use the pearl-shaped icons as a rare drop that can increase party members’ stats. Give your icons a makeover with the Pixel Art Monster Loot Icons Pack!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Give your players tons of new colorful fish to catch with the Pixel Art Fish Icons Pack! Beowulf’s pack of 100 pixel art icons is ready to add some new aquatic creatures to your MV/MZ games. Let your players relax by fishing for some trout or salmon between battles and have them catch lobsters and octopi to add some fresh seafood options to your game’s cooking system. Or turn these icons into a fun set of collectables that your players can look at and also receive rewards from the kingdom’s master of marine biology!

Choose from thin minnows and round pufferfish, and everything in between with 34 different styles of fish. Large-finned tropical fish, pointy-headed sturgeons, and wide-eyed guppies give your players options when they’re catching fish, so you don’t need to just have a generic fish icon if you want more details in your fishing minigame. If you’re looking for more interesting aquatic options, then use this pack’s starfish, jellyfish, eel, and sea turtle icons! Maybe there’s an important side quest to save some sea turtles from bird monsters that makes your player’s life easier in a future dungeon, or starfish sell well in the cities if your players need some extra cash.

With 3 versions of each fish (minus the unique rainbow fish), you can add special or uncommon options. Offer a side quest to catch a rare green clownfish so a villager can give it to his beloved, or have an angry yellow Mola mola sell for more compared to its more common pink counterparts. Grab the Pixel Art Fish Icons Pack today and give your fishing minigame and aquarium collections an incredible upgrade!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

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