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Discussion in 'Ideas and Prototypes' started by ShellyValeras, Aug 17, 2018.

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    So my first game is in the works as I learn how to use RPG Maker MV. It's Fairly difficult with my minimalistic and slightly lazy nature.... that being said my artistic and creative side is strong and this helps me make things that, HOPEFULLY, people will like.

    So, without further adieu, my game idea.

    Avalon. This is a name I have fallen in love with for places. Kingdoms, WHOLE LANDS, you name it... actually don't. I like Avalon perfectly fine. XD. Anyways, seeing as that has become my first pick for place name's I chose it to be the name of my game. I know it's not the most original name but how long has it been since you've seen it come up in a game or story or movie?

    Moving on...

    The story was a bit difficult for me to come up with. In truth I'm not the best story teller. At least... I don't think I am.

    At the beginning of the story the main character finds herself in an odd and ominous place. As she travels through it is revealed to be a recurring nightmare. The main character being plagued by said dream for some time now. When she awakes she is in an inn. Just then her brother enters the room. (I'm still working out how to make this part happen.)

    He reminds her of the King's Invitation and urges her to get ready. From here the player has full control of the character. I have a few event's set up to tell the player some facts within the starting village. From there they can receive the dragon slayer side quest and go into a cave that a dragon is staying in.

    Should they choose not to go slay the dragon they can simply leave the village and head off towards the castle. There they will complete the quest: "Go see the king". There he will tell the player to stop the evil that is after the powerful Sacred Gem of the kingdom of Avalon. Your characters will then rest up. You can then have your character go meet a shifty looking adviser whom tells the naive main character that his idea is to have her hold onto the Sacred Gem. The villains would never guess that it had left the kingdom.

    After the rest the characters go meet their new ally. He is a bit of a loner but that's simply because of his past. He falls instantly for the main character and accepts to join the group as she asks. From there the characters must get a boat. For the Kingdom of Avalon rests upon an Island near the center of their world.

    The group finds a village that looks nearly empty. The villagers are saddened and refuse to leave their homes. There you can find another ally in which to aid you. She is found in an old home that looked run down and put through a fire. If you are the type of person to look at everything you will then find an odd journal on the only bookcase that ISN'T ruined.

    This book can be read by clicking on it in the items menu. Anyways, at the far end of the town you can meet the sailor. There you will gain the quest to save the children that had been taken from the town to a tower to the west. Once you save all of the children you can go back to the village to get the boat.

    For now that's the start of the game... and that's without any special character sprites and sounds... I find I'm lacking in the artistic know how to make the sprites and pictures and sounds for the game myself.

    I also don't know how to make a demo version. Like have the player play up to a certain spot to get them excited.

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