New Release: Retro Fantasy Music Pack Vol 3

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    It's the last release day of the month, and it's time to expand one of our favorite music series!


    From Joel Steudler, pick up the Retro Fantasy Music Pack Vol.3! 20 tracks and 20 music effects set to put you into the video game adventures of your childhood!

    Get this pack to use with RPG Maker, Visual Novel Maker, or any other engine, and add some old school sound to your battle, dungeons, field, themes, towns, and more!

    Learn more in the RPG Maker Web Store, or on Steam!

    To compliment the Retro Fantasy sounds from Joel Steudler, how about picking up our Deal of the Week: The Nostalgia Graphics Pack for 50% off!

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    :/ I dont suppose we could get some Midi variants of these "Retro" music tacks that we could use in RM2k3, could we?

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