New Releases: 90s Retro Sounds 2 - Adventure, Battle, Country, Story


Feb 23, 2012
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Get a whole new soundtrack with 4 new music packs from Takayki AMANUMA!

Start your heroes out on the right foot with the 90s Retro Sounds 2 - Adventure music pack! Takayuki AMANUMA is here with 10 BGMs inspired by all our favorite childhood RPGs, with chipper tracks perfect for when your heroes are exploring new lands and delving into dungeons. Instead of using the beeps and boops often heard in other retro chiptune tracks, this pack uses edited instrument samples to give nostalgic vibes while still letting the instruments shine.

Let your players explore a bright world with upbeat horns and drums cheering them on, and switch to slower piano and flute-like trills when they stumble across an important area. Have calmer notes wash over your players as they walk between ancient trees on their way to a sacred ruin, where angelic harps play and a hero’s sword stands waiting for its next master. Or set sail for a new adventure on a different continent with energetic beats and powerful horns in the background while your players navigate the vast oceans!

Each track comes in m4a and ogg audio formats, so you can easily add them to your current MV or MZ project. Bring some cheery old school tunes to your game with 90s Retro Sounds 2 - Adventure!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Prepare your heroes for combat with the 90s Retro Sounds 2 - Battle pack! Takayuki AMANUMA is here with another music pack addition, this time offering up 10 BGM focused on keeping battles on track with excited tunes and heart pounding beats with stylized instrument samples to give the feel of the limited 90s tech. Give your players a heads up on how difficult a battle will be with distinct levels of intensity in the music, or choose different tracks for each area to keep the battle music as unique as the monsters they’ll be facing!

Keep your players on their toes with the speedy and groovy ‘Fighting Demonic Beasts’ track while they face off against dungeon dwelling monsters, and let them have some fun training against allies while the upbeat trumpets and drums of ‘Battle of the Magicians’ play. Have your players fight for their life to ‘In the Roar’s powerful drums and horns rumble in the background, perfect for surprise battles in a jungle or after being surrounded by a group of the villain’s minions! The worried strings in ‘Challenge that Demon’ and quick beat of ‘Winter Storm’ both work for battles that your players may not be completely prepared for, or give them a boost in morale during that final fight with ‘That Which Dispels the Darkness’’ upbeat and powerful melody.

M4a and ogg formats make it a breeze to add these tracks to your MV and MZ games, so what are you waiting for? If your battles need a music makeover or you’ve been searching for the right tracks to fit your game’s retro aesthetic, pick up 90s Retro Sounds 2 - Battle today!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Fill your cities and villages with fitting tunes with the 90s Retro Sounds 2 - Country music pack! Takayuki AMANUMA continues their 90s Retro Sounds collection with some calmer tracks to help bring your towns to life. 10 BGMs cover a variety of instruments and melodies to make sure you can give each place its own unique vibe, all while keeping with the collections enjoyable take on chiptune music. Visit cities surrounding the kingdom’s castle, lively ports, calm farming villages, and seedy undergrounds with this pack!

Use the different tracks to tell your players what type of town they’re visiting right away, with calm and relaxed tracks like ‘Peaceful Times’ perfect for sleepy villages where your players will mostly be stopping to shop and heal before heading off to the next dungeon, while the deeper drums of ‘Ruffians’ warns them that they’ve just entered a city where battles may take place on the streets. Let the country twangs of ‘A Boy’s Memories’ or ‘Different Wind Direction’ fill the air when your hero arrives in their small hometown after a long time away, or use it as a cue to tell your heroes what type of fresh supplies they’ll be able to buy cheaply there.

Each track comes in m4a and ogg file formats, so you can add it to your MV or MZ projects right away. Pick up 90s Retro Sounds 2 - Country and give your players some relaxing tunes to enjoy while they visit all your game’s towns and villages!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!

Set up all your retro game’s cutscenes for success with the 90s Retro Sounds 2 - Story pack! Takayuki AMANUMA is here with another trip down memory lane, with 10 more BGMs that remind you of 90s favorites. This time the tracks focus on moments in time to help you set up cutscenes, from bombastic races against the clock to sweet romantic confessions and everything in between!

Introduce new party members to your players to the happy marimba in ‘I Like You that Way’ or the morale-boosting trumpets of ‘Colleagues’, or use them whenever the party gathers to take a break and chat. Let soft piano and violins play while the party’s healer and sorceress grow closer, or show your players a growing darkness that the party isn’t aware of while the creepy ‘Lost in the Dark’ plays. Explore a kind but eccentric scientist’s lab to the kooky sproings of ‘Where Are You?’, or use it when your players end up playing hide and seek with children in a strange location. And when all the fun is over and the final battle looms, let your hero give the party a pep talk while ‘With Determination’ plays in the background.

Drop these tracks right into your MV and MZ games with this pack’s m4a and ogg file formats, or use them in one of your other favorite RPG Maker engines. You’ve bought music packs for adventure, battle, and country, so why not finish off your collection with some story? Grab 90s Retro Sounds 2 - Story today and give your cutscenes some extra nostalgic flair!

Purchase now on KOMODO Plaza or on Steam!


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Aug 15, 2012
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Was not expecting a part 2. This definitely fills in the gaps that were missing since the Super Retro pack sounds completely different despite being the same idea. Still missing some MEs though but I found a few tracks I could remove some notes for.

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