New Releases: ANEMONE, Heroine Character Generator 8


Feb 23, 2012
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We took a break last week for the new year, but we're back! The first releaseday of 2021! And we have a good one. A fantastic new soundtrack with ANEOMONE, and even more chargen pieces with Heroine Character Generator 8!

Imagine, you are in a submarine, below the sea and while your surroundings, the fish and the other animals around look friendly, something feels off.

Imagine, you are on your journey through an empty space station that you expected to be inhabited.

The tracks in the Anemone pack are both haunting and beautiful at the same time and the overarching feeling is of being in an alien place - maybe the future, maybe on another planet, maybe below the sea. The electric tunes are all composed to transport that feeling very well, with a similar vibe and feel, but they also have enough variety to underlay all sorts of possible situations. Some tracks could for go well with a more adventurous section of the game, while others are very tense and transport a clear sense of danger. Many of these would make great battle soundtracks as well!

So, if you ever plan to send your heroes (or maybe only one of them?) to spend some time at a bizarre place and want to have the player feel all that tension, this is the pack to go with!

But it on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Sometimes, you have a very specific vision of how you want your heroes to look. You open the generator and… oh no, that specific part is not out there yet.

Maybe this pack has what you are looking for? Maybe you even find things you didn't know you needed in your game? The Heroine Character Pack 8 is filled with detailed and creative parts to create the heroines you always dreamt of!

47 inspiring generator parts are included in this pack and cover a huge range of styles. The biggest part of the set are new clothing styles, so if you were looking for neat armor, a beautiful kimono, a magical girl, or even super heroine dress, this is the pack you want. The accessories are playful and unique. You can go the serious way, with detailed jewelry or a witch hat, or the fun route with a tiny chicken you can place onto your heroine's heads! You can go royal with a tiny crown, or you can have a dog girl with the ears in this pack!

And while the clothing is important, to make your characters stand out in total you have each five new rear and front hairs to complete your build! To round everything up you can choose from five new eyes so each of your characters can have a distinct face as well!

But it on the Degica Shop or on Steam! (Note: This pack is designed for the MV CharGen style)

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