New Releases: Animations Select - Wind, Big Monster Sounds Vol 2


Feb 23, 2012
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I hear something on the wind! is it the sound of monsters, or just well... the wind. We've got two new packs for you this week, elemental wind animations and more monster sounds!

No matter what obstacles might stand in your heroes’ way, this pack gives you the power to just have them blow them away! Coming with 11 unique animations - both with a 30 and 60 FPS versions for MV, plus particle animations formatted for RPG Maker MZ!

From distance the sheets might look very similar, which comes from the overarching green color scheme, but each of the animations is made fresh with unique parts and motions to give it a distinct look.

If you have a witch controlling the wind element, a storm goddess, or just any kind of air creature in your game, this pack can give their punch some flair! From basic air attacks to mighty storm spells, you have a quiver of possibilities to choose from. And all of them are beautiful, expertly crafted, and will give your combats an outstanding look!

Those who sow the wind shall now really reap the whirlwind!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Rattle the walls with furious roars and frightening screams with Big Monster Sounds Vol 2! Audio Alchemist is back with another pack of powerful sound effects to give your monstrous enemies matching

Choose from 101 sounds to help give your big beasts a voice! This pack’s deep and guttural growls, grunts, and shouts are perfect for large and angry enemies during cutscenes and battles. Instead of having a message box play where a troll yells, why not use one of these bone-chilling roars? Chomping attack SEs and injured groans can add a new level of detail to your battles, and multiple sounds for footsteps and movement can leave your heroes worried about when a huge creature will find them. Or give your horror game some suitably scary sounds with grotesque chewing and deep breathing when your player checks what’s behind that locked door.

Also included are alternate versions for 85 of the sounds with an added echo, perfect for when your monsters live in creepy caverns or to warn your players of a future threat when they’re searching an abandoned building.

These sound effects come in both m4a and ogg formats, so they’re ready to use in your favorite engine. If your enemies have been needing some stronger growls and more threatening roars, then check out Big Monster Sounds Vol 2!

Purchase on the Degica Shop or on Steam!


Jan 28, 2018
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I had gotten the, Animations Select - Fire, a while back off of this RPG Maker site and I know they have an update for it to include files for MZ up on their itch page. Any idea when we will be getting the update here on this site for those that bought it here a while back?

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