New Releases: Asian Empires Music Pack/Expansion, Super Retro World Characters Pack


Feb 23, 2012
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It's Wednesday, and that means it is... an early release this week! Check out the new expanded Asian Empires set from Joel Steudler, or a fantastic new set of characters for the Super Retro World style!

Joel Steudler has revamped and expanded the Asian Empires Mini Bundle and created the Asian Empires Music Pack! Containing extended and remastered versions of the 8 tracks from the original pack, plus 12 all new tracks sharing the same Asian inspirations!

The three new battle tracks all focus on very different settings, Sunset Duel being lighter and grasping the carefully placed strikes, with Seven Samurai and Horse Archers being more gravid. They all would also greatly serve as the music to play during more intense cinematic scenes. Seven Samurais for example would fit an army marching up, ready for a fight. As the only dungeon track in this new songs, Prison Cells is very slow and quiet, with some sudden and distant noise, as if a door fell shut somewhere else.

Since your heroes probably won’t stay in one place there are four new tracks that would carry them to other locations. The Great Steppe, Pyroclastic Plateau, Shogun’s Domain and Ten Thousand Miles all have that “being on a journey feeling” to them, but each has its own unique sound patterns and vibe. And where are your heroes traveling anyways? No matter where they are going, they will likely stop by in a town, and with Fishing Boats and Peasant life you can pick the style of settlement they come to. Is it a calm place, by a sea or a river, or is it a little more lively, a place filled with hardworking people working on their chores?

To round the new tracks up, we have Jade Princess and Eternal Dynasty, two tracks that could work great as theme songs for characters or a dramatic scene.

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Already have the original Asian Empires Mini Bundle and want to upgrade to the full Music Pack? Then pick up the Asian Empires Expansion. This pack completes the mini bundle with the remaining material included in the full Music Pack!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!

Depending on the type of game you make, this pack is either some fantastic looking additional assets or an amazing set that gives you everything you need to implement the battle mechanic you want!

But first things first: As every other iteration in this series, the Super Retro World - Character Pack comes in a charming 8 bit look and works with every other pack from this series or most other retro styles. If you look at the new characters, you might see some familiar faces… Basil, is that you? Due to the size the iconic characters are just recognizable if you really know them, and they all come with a recolor version so you have some additional diversity without putting any extra work into them. On top of that, you also get a whole bunch of monsters, most four directional and some static ones to have something to put against those heroes. And fight they can: as the special feature of this set is the Action RPG compatibility. Each of the character sheets in this set comes with a folder full of attack animations for all the human characters to be used in map battles!

With a whole pool of different shields, swords and staffs, you can not only cover a full range of classes, but also have the visuals change whenever your characters change their equipment.

In addition to the graphics you will also get a small tutorial on how to use them in VX Ace, MV and MZ with existing scripts and plugins!

And even if you don’t plan to have on map battles, those extra poses and characters still look dashing! Check them out and see if you like them!

Purchase now on Komodo Plaza or on Steam!


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Aug 19, 2021
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Basil? W H E R E :ewat:

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