New Releases: Cosmic Frontier Backgrounds & RE-D FINAL BATTLE MUSIC PACK


Feb 23, 2012
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It’s time to go to infinity and beyond this Releaseday! Get ready to soar past distant planets and face your final foes with this week’s packs!

With seas of shining stars and beautiful alien planets, Cosmic Frontier Backgrounds is here to help us to boldly go where no man has gone before! Joel Steudler is back with another incredible pack, this time focusing on backgrounds to take our sci-fi games to far off galaxies.

12 awesome backgrounds let us take our players into space. We can let our players look out their spaceship’s windows to see an Earth-like planet floating in the distance or show off a purple alien planet before they land on it to check for sentient life. Improving cutscenes isn’t the only thing we can do with these backgrounds! These backgrounds would make gorgeous battlebacks for epic space battles, or we can update a plain title screen or credits scene. Just imagine all the places our sci-fi games could use these incredible images!

Each background comes in three different sizes, ready to use in RPG Maker Ace, MV, MZ, and Visual Novel Maker! If that wasn’t enough, this pack includes 27 high-res images of space backdrops and planets so that we can create our own unique backgrounds that perfectly fit our games. Build a background featuring a planet with three moons near a swirling nebula and create a close-up of a black hole for when our heroes try to escape enemies and end up flying too close for comfort.

This pack also includes a bonus song perfect for listening to while staring out into the vast expanse of space. If your game has been missing some much needed images to improve your space scenes then pick up Cosmic Frontier Backgrounds!

Purchase from the Degica Shop or Steam!

Re-D Final Battle Music Pack is here to take our battles to a whole ‘nother level! Gee Kun Soft has created 10 new songs that bring the excitement of boss fights to life! Each orchestral song comes at the concept of ‘boss battle music’ from a different angle, so no matter if our players are facing off against a mob boss, a tyrant king, or even their friend-turned-foe we can find a great song to fit.

Dramatic strings work with great beats to draw our players into battle! The addition of angelic choirs to some songs brings that extra oomph to our battles, perfect when our heroes are facing off against a monstrous foe. If our game is more modern-themed, then we can have that carry through our music choices with songs that highlight electric guitars and drums. For sadder fights, we could pick one of the calmer string-focused songs that keep the energy level up with a decent melody while still retaining a touch of heartbreak with subdued vocals.

Battles aren’t the only place these songs could shine. We could reveal the true enemy of our heroes with a haunting organ track, or play one of the string and choir combos while our players flee a battlefield in the hopes of regrouping later.

Each song comes in mp3, m4a, and ogg formats, so they’re ready to use in our favorite engines! Give your boss battles the music they deserve with Re-D Final Battle Music Pack.

Purchase from the Degica Shop or Steam!


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