New Releases: Creepy Land Tileset Pack, High Fantasy Generator Pack for MZ, RE-D MUSIC PACK


Feb 23, 2012
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This week we're sending everything out a day early! A new tileset featuring unsettling environs, a whole new style of generator pieces, and a new soundtrack pack await on this special Wednesday release day!

Take your players on an adventure through dark halls and scary swamps with the Creepy Land Tileset Pack! Shigekichi has crafted a pack full of tiles to create a world full of monsters and dark magic. With tiles for both inside and outside areas, you can make your horror game’s maps suitably scary.

The interior tiles focus on dark woods and muted tiles and carpets to create all sorts of dark and possibly dangerous rooms. Give your sorcerer’s house a study full of magic books and potions, or add a secret room full of ornate coffins around a huge stone statue of a demon to an unassuming npc’s home. With fancy gold and red decorations you can easily map a demon lord’s mansion, down to the young daughter’s room with vampire dolls and a pink bunny plush trapped in a guillotine!

The pack’s exterior tiles are perfect for making creepy woods and deadly swamps, with purple waters and blue-leafed trees. Monstrous decorations like huge moths, man-eating plants, and twisting vines can turn even a normal-looking forest into something sinister. If your game’s story focuses more on a haunted town, then the dirty house tiles and crumbling signs and gravestones are ready to make your players feel uneasy.

And if all the tiles weren’t enough, this pack also includes a number of character sprites to bring your spooky maps to life! Put your evil ritual room behind a set of ornate doors with an animal skull carved into them, or give the creepy shed behind the house a simple door made from dark wood. Give your heroes some glowing street lights and lanterns around towns to keep the darkness away, but be careful around the wooden crates and stone wells since you don’t know what could be lurking inside!

This pack also includes sample projects for both MV and MZ, so you can see how all the tiles work together. So if your horror game needs some new scenes, or you just want to give your players a spooky dungeon to explore, pick up the Creepy Land Tileset Pack today!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Have you ever wanted to use MZ’s generator to craft characters, but thought that the default faces were a bit too childish for your story? Then it’s time to check out the High Fantasy Generator Pack for MZ! UZUKI MAME has taken the generator faces and turned them on their heads with brand new faceset pieces to replace all the default ones. Not only that, but this pack adds new faceset generator parts to create humanoids like orcs, vampires, and beast-nosed people!

This pack’s painted style turns MZ’s faces into gorgeous characters who fit into serious stories. Instead of your hero looking like a young anime boy, you can craft a man who has clearly been fighting monsters for most of his life. Or make your hero’s grandmother look her age with crow’s feet and tired eyes.

The pack’s additional parts include new face shapes as well as facial features like noses, mouths, and eyes to help give each character a unique faceset appearance. Eyes with black sclera or slit pupils can turn otherwise normal-looking npcs into otherworldly creatures. A wide variety of noses, from small human-shaped ones to upturned orc and fuzzy animal ones, offer new ways to make your different game races stand out. Fanged mouths are perfect for vampires or beastmen, or create some orcs with prominent lower teeth sticking out of their lips. The kid section has an added large ear to help you make dwarves or short people, giving even more options when it comes to shopkeepers and townsfolk.

With all the faceset pieces remade for the male, female, and kid parts, if you saved your characters’ settings it should be simple to update their looks. Grab the High Fantasy Generator Pack for MZ and give your serious game’s characters some suitable faces!

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

Here come eleven brand new tracks to add more atmosphere to your game!

If you ever worried about running out of engaging boss monster battle background music, this pack has four amazing options ready for you! One of them even comes with two different versions, in case you need some variation or maybe rebattle that boss later on. And with all of them being between roughly five and seven minutes long you can have your players enjoy their boss fights without the music being too repetitive.

Even though the pack overall has a light and airy feel from a variety of instruments, focusing heavily on strings and flutes, there is still a good bit of variety for you to use. You could use the track called “love” for a lot of light-hearted and emotional parts, while “op3” is more tense and would suit a a tense dungeon exploration where enemies could be right around the corner. On the other hand, “ed1” would be perfect for a giant fortress or capital city, impressive and slightly intimidating but without the feeling of danger.

Listen to these, and more! We hope they can find a place for in your game.

Purchase now on the Degica Shop or on Steam!

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Sep 14, 2012
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Seriously, that high fantasy generator pack looks amazing! I really, really hope that UZUKI MAME releases more generator packs in that style.

The new tileset pack also looks fantastic!

Really impressed by those two, and will likely pick them up when I have some cash to burn.

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